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Apartment have skewered hackneyed nonchalant cool for something much more tangible. Witness their live show: a cathartic release of dramatic melodies, incisive guitars and lyrics pulled from their own lives – made universal by David Caggiari's uniquely poetic turn of phrase. There's Tom Gillet wielding his bass like an axe and stomping a hole in the floor with his silver boots. Meanwhile Davide de Santis' nimble, spacious guitar licks tangle with Liam Fletcher's complex, pin-sharp beats. And finally there's Caggiari – owning the stage. His inimitable vocals soaring above the melee, toying with the crowd and making sure everyone is having a fabulous time.

This four-piece have lived all over the world (Italy, Belgium, South Africa, France, Luxembourg) only to come together in Bethnal Green to condense their love for Blonde Redhead, Velvet Underground, Buckley, Bowie, The Associates and Bruce Springsteen into a an eight-legged indie rock beast.

Funny then to think that Apartment very nearly never happened. Back in 2002 Caggiari found himself stuck in a musical cul-de-sac. Disheartened by the raft of indentikit leather-clad bands, he had lost enthusiasm. He even stopped playing with de Santis, a partnership honed since they were teenagers living in Brussels. Caggiari’s confidence was shot to shit and he was depressed.

Even when he found out Jeff Buckley’s mother Mary Guibert was organising her annual tribute concert, he couldn’t muster the gumption to send in a demo, despite the fact that Buckley was and remains a great source of inspiration. Luckily a loved one popped a CD in the post and two months later in November 2002, Caggiari was on a flight to Chicago. Gillet came along to play bass even though his skills at the time were merely proficient.

The experience proved to be a turning point for the pair. By the time Caggiari finished covering Buckley’s interpretation of Van Morrison’s ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’ Guibert was making her way towards the stage, tears streaming down her cheeks, because she was so profoundly touched. Days later, after much conversation she said quite simply, “David what are you doing? You’re one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Go home and do what you’re doing and do it right.”

Returning to London with renewed conviction Caggiari, Gillet and de Santis joined forces, roping in Fletcher on drums. The ensuing years have been a hard graft and a commendable commitment to the band’s vision, steadily building a base of loyal fans or “apartmentalists”, as well as garnering the respect and friendship of their peers. Their independent spirit was instantly recognised by Fierce Panda who released their debut single ‘Everyone Says I’m Paranoid’ – a sophisticated swan song of heartbreak and self-doubt – which cracked the Top 75. A second release on the label followed (‘Patience Is Proving’), as did plaudits and sessions from Xfm’s John Kennedy and Ian Camfield.

Apartment have supported the likes of The Bravery, Towers of London, British Sea Power, Boy Kill Boy and Editors, plus a co-headlined a French tour with The Kooks. The band were also handpicked as special guests by The Killers (2004) and to support Jimmy Eat World (2005) for the duration of their European tour which saw Apartment play to 4000 people a night.

Apartment have played sold out shows at New York's CMJ showcase for two consecutive years and are due to play there again in 2006, performed at South By Southwest and played stages at the Wireless Festival and Get Loaded In The Park. Last September they teamed up with indie label Stolen Transmission run by the infamous Ultragrrrl AKA Sarah Lewitinn who has just been crowned one of the most influential people in music by New York Magazine. (Her label has released limited edition, hand-designed singles for the likes of The Spinto Band and Nightmare Of You, and she selected Apartment's song 'Partience Is Proving' for the same privilege (Sept 2005)). Justin Hirschman and Larry Little have now committed to working with the band in the States.

In recent months Apartment have set up their own label Fleet Street Records (with new manager, music legend Jack Steven), which reflects their “ethos and independence as well as showcasing new talent.” They have already released a 500-copy, split single pressing of new song ‘Taxi’, a propulsive dancefloor filler; and a 7” blue vinyl release of My Brother Chris in July which won them more fans at radio and regionally.

Their debut album – ‘The Dreamer Evasive’ (due for release early 2007) is a glorious culmination of Apartment's history: growing up, trying to better yourself in a big city and the formative experiences and exchanges that happen along the way.

“People who use their existence to make their dreams come true live with passion.” – David Caggiari, Apartment.

Apartment are on their way, it’s time you joined them for the ride.


Everyone Says I'm Paranoid, Single, Fierce Panada 2005

Patience Is Proving, Single, Fierce Panda 2005

Kindred EP, Fleet St/Filthy Lucre Records 2006

My Brother Chris, Single, Fleet St/Filthy Lucre Records 2006