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"a.P.A.t.T. first e.p."

Those preferring their sounds a little more irregular, viscerally challenging and against the flow may feel obliged to check out the debut release from Liverpool’s aPAtT. Described to me in passing as ‘a release that the band thought I’d be doing everyone a favour by hearing’ with the added proviso ‘sounds like nothing from Liverpool’, (or for that matter a several plays), like nothing in the world. APAtT it seems forego the usual subtleties of trying to woo the listener and win them over, instead they arguably provide more questions than answers with their awkwardly channelled fusion of out there art rock, drone montages, film samples, hip hop. This particular EP is the bands debut with a new batch of songs eagerly waiting in the wings for a release date. Occupying the shadowy sub divide that vaguely links the curious netherworlds of Volcano the Bear and the new age travelling doom drone friction folk of the Sunburned Hand of the Man with the oddball melodic anarchy of Zappa especially on the hauntingly numb ‘Loneley’ and the parting shot ‘a passing’ and yet shows their willingness to lead the viewer into a guessing game, their sounds bounce erratically from the odd to the eerie to the devastating without no heed or attention to form or principle, at times its reminiscent of a freeform jam, maybe a tuning up session whatever you may call it there’s no denying that there is an explosion of ideas at large within which ultimately means that just when you think you have the measure of them they spice up the mix to throw you off the scent. - http://www.betweenplanets.co.uk/

"Saturday 21/06/03 Zucanikan, a.P.A.t.T, Super Numeri"

a.P.A.t.T were intent on not being outdone. Their sound was a disparate mix of styles that were often clever and inventive. Their music again comes out of the Zappa/Beefheart School, so this probably won't be everybody's cup of tea. Nevertheless it's refreshing to hear a real band who can play this sort of thing properly, not like some of the other so-called "Cosmic Scouse" bands who claim that the Captain is the bees knees. With these guys you can tell that they mean it.
- http://www.gigwise.com/contents.asp?contentid=487

"The best band in Liverpool?"

The best band in Liverpool? Maybe. The weirdest band in Liverpool? Definitely. aPAtT are described as "Zappa influenced without the virtuoso element." The collective consciousness of the concentrated craziness. The loud creative explosion of a timeless counterbalance to the mainstream. Their new album "Black and White Mass" is due out on Pickled Egg Records in the late summer of 2007. - http://www.glasswerk.co.uk/index2.php?db=liverpool&page=news,article&id=2936

"BBC Unsigned Band"

Unsigned Band: a.P.A.t.T
From time to time. it's hard to classify a band. Sounding like Frank Zappa having a fist fight with Mighty Mouse, the experimental and chaotic beeps, buzzes and blips of a.P.A.t.T are our choice for Unsigned Band of the Month.

The rest was history - http://www.bbc.co.uk/liverpool/content/articles/2006/04/27/unsigned_apatt_may06_feature.shtml

"Pickled Egg Records Showcase"

a.P.A.t.T. remind of the sort of weird shit that i read about in The Organ fanzine when i was a young un; they come across as a slightly more menacing version of prog-folk nutters Zuno Men with violin and loads of mental time signatures thrown in. The music takes back seat as two of the band, for no apparent reason, launch into a pie eating contest for no logical reason! The rest of the band make as many offputting comedy noises until a winner is finally declared. - http://www.rockfood.co.uk/wordpress/?p=219

"First review for "Black And White MAss""

Black and White Mass (Pickled Egg)
a.P.a.t.T. are the Willy Wonka of the musical world: part
Gene Wilder, part Johnny Depp. And I am Veruca Salt,
selfishly cramming every note into my brain as hard as
possible, headphones stuck so far down my ear canal I’ll
have to crawl in to open the lock soon. There is no frequency left unturned,
no genre left unwrapped or ignored. A confident, twisted skip through all
that is good and fun, like an end-of-century review that leaves out all the crap
bits. And so wondrously crafted! Each tinkling, each scrape of a cymbal, each
deathly metal blast is crystallised and seemingly separated to ease the aural
digestion. Indeed, to labour a lame analogy, they could well be the Heston
Blumenthal of the modern music world, boiling down the elements and
presenting us with twenty-seven small but exquisitely sensational courses
to feast upon. a.P.a.t.T. is deft and skilful; talented and precocious. a.P.a.t.T.
is Fun. Fun. Fun!
By Haley Avron - Plan b magazine

"a.P.A.t.T. mental manipulation"

"a.P.A.t.T. are currently an enticing, bewildering and daunting prospect. They can sweep through several genres in the space of an opening verse, rewriting musical histories with a collectively raised eyebrow. If you so much as dip your toes in to test the water, you find yourself dragged into a Wonka-esque tour of expertly-executed skits take in Zappa, classical music both ancient and modern, punk, jazz, metal and whole bundle of stuff that hasn't been invented yet. Dexterous, Monstrous and mind-wideningly wondrous. "

WrittEn By Hayley Avron - PLan B Magazine


Martin's Quest - Download Single
2008 -aPehAt recordings

Split 12" Vinyl/CD/Download
2008 -w/Stignoisev -Class a Audio/aPehAt Recordings

Black & White Mass - CD/Download
2008 -Pickled Egg / aPehAt recordings

Ch(e.a.P.) - CD
2005 -aPehAt recordings

Fre(e.P.) - CD/Download
2005 -aPehAt recordings

(L.P.) - CD
2004 -aPehAt recordings

(e.P.) - CD
2002 -aPehAt recordings

----------------coming soon----------------

a.P.A.t.T. The Movie
- d.v.D - aPehAt recordings

- Not yet released -Chinchillatone /aPehAt recordings

Split 12"
- Not yet released- Vinyl -Upset The Rhythm w/ DJ Scotch Egg band 'Baki'



"To hear a.P.A.t.T. or more specifically their ‘Black & White Mass’ full length is to experience a musical odyssey like no other, avoiding the usual pragmatics of pop, they are a law unto themselves dabbling in sounds.‘Black and White Mass’ is THE first crucial full length of the year somehow I don’t reckon it’ll be topped in our affections though be warned it’ll do your f**kin head in."
-Losing Today on 'Black & White mass'

a.P.A.t.T.'s last full album entitled 'Black & White Mass' (Pickled Egg) is from the very outer limits of what pop music can be whilst being filled-to-bursting with sheer entertainment value that earned it ‘Album of the Week’ on Radio 1.
Plan B magazine commented,

"No frequency left unturned, no genre left unwrapped or ignored".

a.P.A.t.T.'s latest single entitled 'Martins' Quest' has had rave reviews and was BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens tip for the week.

Another interesting quirk of fate fell upon a.P.A.t.T. recently; they have just finished working with BBC TV on a sitcom, starring Ralf Little and Johnny Vegas, entitled 'Massive'.a.P.A.t.T. of course play a hapless avant garde band.

Ralf Little's character describes the band as "Shit".

a.P.A.t.T. are undeniably unique yet carry on a historical musical lineage that runs deep in U.K. music: Bands with big ideas!..The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Cardiacs, Radiohead, a.P.A.t.T. .

A Split 12" vinyl with Scoth Egg on Upset the Rhythmm, 'Ogadimma' a full length album on Chinchilla tone records and a film 'a.P.A.t.T. the Movie' to be released before 2009 is out, expect a few suprises from these Village Idiots