Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Paul (Apaulsoul) Means is the total package. Embodying the Annointing, Boldness, Comedy, Presentation, Vision, & Talent with music that will beat your 15" speakers, then take you too a place of worship that any age can enjoy, the 4 time Holy Hip Hop Award Performer brings Jesus too the music masses


The Life

Paul “Apaulsoul” Means was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, IL. The 17 year husband and father of 4 grew up with Christian Parents and 5 siblings “4 boys & 1 girl”, Apaulsoul being the youngest. As he grew older he was influenced very much by his older brothers who became active in the Gangster Disciple Organization, Paul at the age of 10 secretly joined the organization and also started smoking cigarettes. It was at this same age one of his brothers taught him how to drive a 76 Big Body Caprice Classic, what Paul did not know was that he would become a driver for his brother during violent beatings and drug deals. By 13 paul started smoking weed and became more influenced and engulfed in the G.D organization. By age 15 Paul suffered his first dramatic blow, when 1 week after his parents 25 year anniversary his father died at the age of 42 from a massive heart attack while at work, earlier that year Paul’s mom had told him that his dad had already woke her up 3 months earlier and informed her that the Lord said his time was coming and that it would be that same year. At age 16 Paul met Danette Abrams while skipping church with his cousin, she is the twin sister of his best friends girlfriend. 2 years later they were married with there first child. Between the ages of 18 – 23 Paul would become lost trying to become a young man while still trying to hold on to his association with the G.D’s which led to over 10 arrest, a ranking position in the G.D’s, and a move from Chicago, to Oklahoma, to Chicago, To Detroit, then back to Oklahoma where he currently resides. His marriage would also suffer from infidelity and abuse which led to a child outside of there marriage. After being told that he had a brain tumor from years of marijuana abuse and being given a 6 month timeframe to live, Paul accepted the Regenerating of the holy spirit and the call of Jesus on his life.

The Music

Apaulsoul has been doing music now for over 10 years, he started out as the founder of a local rap group called “Supertropolis” and released over 7 underground Cds. The first song released to the public was Apaulsouls christian remake of 50 cents hit song “In Da Club” Apaulsoul’s version “Out Da Club” hit #1 on radio stations all across the country and led to the Supertropolis Mixtapes. After 2 years Apaulsoul brought the group to I AM Records and became Vice President of the label that now houses the Christian Artist K-Praize, during his span with I AM Records Apaulsoul helped generate over 200 Concerts, and over $20,000 in revenue profit. After coming off of a tour with G.R.I.T.S and a year that would see the group in concert with Canton Jones, Paul suffered an even more dramatic blow, in March his mom died at the age of 55 from a battle with Leukemia, 3 months later his Grandmother died, and 7 months later his nephew was shot and killed “the first murder of 2007 in del city, OK”. During this time Apaulsoul decided to end his time with I AM Records and recorded the final Supertropolis Mixtape. During this timeframe he had built a network that would find in sharing the company of many of the who’s who in the Gospel industry including B.E.T’S Dr. Bobby Jones, Stellar Award Winning Artist Lecrae, Grammy Award Nominated artist Canton Jones, Christopher “Play” Martin, Bushwick Bill, Bentley Farnsworth “former assistant to P.Diddy”, Grammy Nominated artist Flame, G.R.I.T.S, Myra Beasley “From Tyler Perrys | The Marriage Counselor” and collaborations with former 3?6 Mafia artist Mr. Del, K-Drama, D-Maub, Cam, Dillon Chase and current label mates S.O.C.O.M, C-Micah and JayMay. At this time Apaulsoul decided to adjust his musical talents and went from rapper to Rhythm and Praise artist. In 2011 Apaulsoul received the 2011 Holy Hip Hop Award during Dove Award Week and released his official Pre-Release album entitled Road to Damascus | The Detour. After several offers, including an offer from Interscope “home of Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, former label of 2-pac, Apaulsoul decided to become part owner of About Face Music Group and is scheduled to release his debut album Regenerated in 2012.


Apaulsoul have been blessed to

Perform at concerts with Lecrae, Canton Jones, Bushwick Bill, K-Drama, DaTruth, Ambassador,G.R.I.T.S, and more.

Co-Starred in the Gospel Stage Play “Baby Momma Drama” which also included a scheduled appearance from Myra Beasley of Tyler Perrys “The Marriage Counselor”

Vice President of I AM Records “which housed 5 artist including K-Praize“

The only solo christian artist to perform at the Oklahoma City Thunder Game at the Ford Center “Capacity 20,000? now called the Chesapeake Arena. Actual performance, not the national anthem.

Hired to handle the Graphic Design for Canton Jones European Tour.

Signed a one album deal with Double Edge Sword Records.
Performed at the Holy Hip Hop Awards on 5 separate occasions.

Received the 2011 Holy Hip


Prayin in closet 2 (rkelly cover)

Written By: Paul (Apaulsoul) Means

7 oclock in the morning and the grace from the sun wakes me
i'm stretchin and yawning in ah day that wasnt promised to me
and ah voice i hear inside my mind from the bridegroom
then he comes out and visits me to my suprise in this room
now i've got this dumb look on my face cause i know what i done
how could i be so stupid when i know the battles already won
if you read between the lines
ohh you see we're in ah time
from the earth until the throne
you know it wont be looong
here i am quickly trying to put on my rooooobe
searching for the one key that will open up heavens doors
you stretched your hands in front of me
said you must choose this day
looked down from the cross and finished it
back to my closet i pray
you say you got ah life to live
he saying please dont go out there
but maybe if i can see your throne
you wont come if you aint prepared
shh shh quite
your dad still praying in the closet
kids dont make ah sound
my answers coming down
theres some things in my life that i dont know
i know you called me but what am i here for
i tryed it my way
it didnt work my way
now i'm in the closet
and now i'm in this darkest closet trying to figure out
just how your going turn this crazy life of mine around
then i let you come into my home
you walked into my filthy room
i wish you had a smile on ya face
i chose this lifestlye over you
i stopped just serving him and said i'd rather serve another father
i'm telling you now for your own good never serve another father
you rose up from the dead and took your fleshly clothes off
i'm in the closet like you ah king that never shows off
you not gonna believe it but it gets deeper as the war goes on
next thing you know you'll hear the trumpets and we'll go home
try ya best to quickly get cha life with GOD straight
we all need to stop this act and change our life today
you hop up and see that GOD mades us more then just ah congueror
and be like GOD please just let me stay with you here in this closet
i know you the bridegroom
my lamp is needing more
i know that you rose from the dead
your name i adore
i'm tired of all this hurting
but cha cross and the nails
when i leave up out this room
i'm determined i wont fail
i'm raising my head
i'm feeling much better
i pray in the closet
i pull out the red letter
we can talk in the closet
but now that i prayed in the closet
i can walk out of the closet
now i'm opening the closet

Shine 4 the king (tpain cover)

Written By: Paul (Apaulsoul) Means

i'ma shine for the king
its not me we came here to lift up JESUS
if you got money in the bank
its cool but it aint bout that my JESUS never had ah cadillac

we serving bread like (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,)
now move ya head like (woe, woe, woe, woe, woe)

you shine for the world, i shine for the king
let me talk ta ya, let me show you ah thang
JESUS reign, he flow thru me
ya like this music but its so unclean
out of the club we did in 03
we left chicago and move to o k c
ya like how ya live, but somethings gotta give
so whats it gonna take for you to repent

ya talk to the king, he'll talk back
you only want money, but dont pay tithes
you got supertrop, you got lecrae
you like biggie smalls then listen to bb. jay
you talk ah lotta word then walk it out
me and c had ah problem and we talked it out
we make these songs for G O D
you say you see the light but its CHRIST in me

i say you never met GOD you still keep sinning
want cha tell him how you feel i'm sure he'll pay attention
so divine you need peace, if you truly wanta meet
in fifty different spots while he with you he still with me
he take you out of danger, he love ah conversation
when you want ta trip he give you major revelations
bible open now flip it ,satan on the move
devil is ah coward when he know you bout the truth
let him take you where he live, ya body switch gears
and when he whisper in ya ear dont be scared go near
its nothing but the best when he in the atmosphere
i'ma let the king in so he can make ya vision clear

lets go to the throne and walk it out

supertrop supertrop

The maker (ludacris cover)

Written By: Paul (Apaulsoul) Means

if you love the savior throw ya handz up in the air
he see you on his radar if you really want some prayer
you know he got it if ya wanna come get it
sitting next to the father like hey hey hey

if you love the savior throw ya handz up in the air
dont worry bout the haters tell em gone and keep on staring
you know he got it if ya wanna come get it
sitting next to the father like hey hey

hey hey if you (love the savior)
like ya was living to (love ya neighbor)
took the father nine months to (make ya)
might as well take what the father (gave ya)
you you looking good with (the bling)
you know you'll look even better when you (repping the king)
i keep my mind on his sonny
(jesus is on my mind)
but you neglecting his reflection with the (thoughts on ya mind)
i got the brothers on my right side (pouring ah cup)
my father loving me to death thats why he shedded his blood
so feel free to get loose and get (carried away)
so by tomorrow you remember what cha (praying today)
and dont forget about the feeling that he (letting you get)
and all the demons that cha burn when you (simply neglect)
the on high points you earn when you (taking the step)
and how every one you earn you becoming ah vet (yep)

switch switch switching to (life from death and)
swithcing when i take up my (final breath and)
took ah break now we (ready again)
and you can invite over as (many friends) as
you (want to) but i really (want you)
just be thankful that yo friend gave you something to (bump too hey
super) ya know the rest of the name
you want the handz from the father laid on (top of ya brain)
and i just want to take ah little (ride to the church)
and have ah party giving the father just (what he deserve)
and let me give you some simple lessons bout the (kingness)
jesus wrote best stroke (stroke of ah genius yep)
call me the (win em back man get up)
we serve the father lf the (sinner man cant hey)
found out the word can (shank ya)
and i been meaning to tell ya that i really must (thank ya man)

pop the trop cd up in the (church girl)
please dont stop it until it (work girl)
you you been living ah little (tipsy)
so if you could just take it ah little (this way)
see we the members from the (G O D)
thee original head member of t r o p
and he the center of attention just him (being my GOD)
and every body in the camp just (fulfillin his job)


Apaulsoul - Pre-Release "Road to Damascus" ft the singles "Praise Your Name & Walk Right"

Apaulsoul - Featured on Holy Hip Hop Vol 8 on C-Micahs song "Ride or Die soulger"

Apaulsoul - Featured on S.O.C.O.M. albums "Tha Arrival" "Timeout" and "Kingdom Music on the song Hands High ft D-Maub"

Apaulsoul - Featured on JayMay albums "We live praise" and "For His Glory"

Apaulsoul - Featured on C-Micahs albums "Southern Classics", "The Infallible Truth" and "Deliverance"

Apaulsoul - Featured on DaClay album "My life after his Death"

Apaulsoul - Featured Music Video "I Need Cha" playing multiple roles

Set List

A typical Apaulsoul set can range from 15-45 minutes.
Consisting of performances of Praise Your Name, Hands high, and now performing songs from his debut album REGENERATED which are the songs Pass it around & The Matrix. During the set Apaulsoul adds comedy and energy as he presents the gospel thru music.