APE is the band filling a void that has been ignored for far too long; the need for a real rock band to lead this generation. Founded by singer/guitar player Everett Mason and bassist Galen Weir, APE's existence is a journey built on the foundation laid out by previous and current great bands in the rock and metal world, a world that seems so far removed from today's unimpressive mainstream scene. As Everett states "When I listen to Guns n' Roses or Pantera it inspires me to make music that can have that kind of an impact on a kid listening to an APE record. That wasn't some phase I was going through one summer when I was 13. the connection I have with those bands are forever." Is APE a rock or metal band? Although the members would simply reply "we are just a good fucking band," APE's combination of hard rock, classic rock, and thrash metal is what makes the trio such a unique and epic act. In a generation when most new bands seem familiar and irrelevant, APE's original uncompromising material is a necessary alternative to the predictable commercial material that is so overdone. APE, which features Everett Mason on vocals/guitar, Galen Weir on bass, and Carlos Aguilera on drums will have just released their first full-length album "Survival Of The Fittest" in March of 2009.


APE- Self Titled Debut (Released June 29th, 2007)

1.)The Disease
2.)Sell Out
4.)Man To Machine
5.)Doggy Style
6.)Nothing Is Just
8.)Singin' My Song

APE- Survival Of The Fittest (Released in March 2009)

1.)It's All My Fault (This Time)
2.)It's Not
3.)Messin' Around With Love
4.)Survival Of The Fittest
5.)Beyond The Depths Of Reality
6.)So Lonely
7.)Irate Primate
8.)How You Left Me
9.)Friend Or Foe

"It's Not" has featured on "Get Hammered" on y108.com and is being played regulary on various college and university stations.

Set List

Can play up to 2 hours worth of original material. Some of the songs APE have recently covered include:
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Living After Midnight-Judas Pries
Phantom Of The Opera-Iron Maiden
Bleed For Me-Black Label Society

Sets usually last 45 minutes to an hour and a half.