a penny for lane

a penny for lane


we rock hard and have fun.


our influences range from blues to 80'S hair bands . bands that we like range from alice and chains to motley crue ,journey,silvertide,candlebox,jimmy hendrix,sublime.we have been playing local bars and clubs pretty much since we were in diapers. we got started very young Toby started playing blues in the bars when he was eight years old .Jordan began playing in the band when he was thirteen. so eventhough we are still all under the age of 21 we have quite a few years experience playing rock shows and we are now ready to take this show on the road!


a penny for lane ...come toghether fly away is an epsome tracks have had some radio play others streaming

Set List

50 songs we will play for about four hours we do originals and covers. we play alittle bit of classic rock some current rock tunes and our own stuff mainly.