a perfect mess

a perfect mess

 Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

A Perfect Mess is a collection of sultry jazz, blues, classic funk, right down to the edge of hardcore. The style of writing that they have created has something for everyone. Each member has there own unique and diverse background in music.They all bring something different and fresh to the table.


In there short five year career as a band A Perfect Mess have went from jamming in a warehouse to opening up for acts such as Days of the New, Flaw, and Machina (former members of Evanesence and Future leaders of the world), Non-Point, Drowning Pool, Framing Hanley, Seven Mary Three, Shamans Harvest, just to name a few. Drawing some attention from Record companies RCA, and Universal .All of the members agree on one thing. "It's all about the music." The Tennessee quartet truly believe in this motto. "We all just wanted to create some music that reflected on some of our own personal real life experience's. " Such as the title track (and how the band got it's name) Perfect Mess. It is a real life story about substance abuse. " We all have our own demons, we all can relate." "It's about how you get through the bad times to get back to the good." And that is how the group wanted to portray their album. Every song has a story behind it. An experience that we all have seen or gone through personally.


A Perfect Mess EP

A Perfect Mess and I Quit has received radio play in

there home town of Cookeville, TN on B-Rock 93.7
and are also on:

V cast


Set List

Casualty OF Darkness

Fall Away

I Quit


Perfect Mess


Buddy Gaw


Tough Love

Our sets are any where from 30 min. to 2 hours

depending on what is needed. We do not typically

do covers but when we do we usually cover Alice

and Chains, Clutch,Tool ,

Weezer, Jimi Hendrix, and Pantera to name a