A Perfect Paradigm

A Perfect Paradigm


APP is original and vocal. Their songs are catchy and easy to listen to due to their skillful blending of guitar/synth parts. Their vocals serve as the band's main forte (no pun intended), because 4 of the 5 members line up on stage with a microphone in front of them.


A Perfect Paradigm's music has derived from a combination of varying genres of music. Their catchy, memorable choruses stem from the early 2000s pop punk bands such as Sugarcult, Sum 41 or The Starting Line. Ryan, Luke, and Sean often trade off the lead vocal lines similar to the classic style of Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 or Adam Lazzara and Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday. With the addition of a distorted synthesizer, A Perfect Paradigm may resemble the sound of Anberlin with their fast-paced, minor tonality songs.

A Perfect Paradigm has evolved to their current sound over the past 6 years. The band originally consisted of Ryan, Wilson, and Gomez (who are all still current members), but had Tyler Schlittler playing on drums under the artist name of "Leash & Scoop." The band released their only EP titled "Version of Myself" in the summer of 2004. Leash & Scoop became successful by playing many small regional gigs in the northern Illinois area. They would play a mixture of their punk style originals and pop/punk covers.

Shortly after Schlittler left the band, Kimberly was brought into the band with open arms. Impressed with his technique and more so with his speed on the drums, the original three renamed the band "Kissing Kimberly." They would go on to place first in the Rockford Youth Charity Jam in 2005 and again in 2006. They also won the Battle of the Rock Bands which was run by the Rockford Park District in 2005. Despite their immediate success, Kissing Kimberly only released one full length album, "On the Way To Where We're Going," in the spring of 2005.

In the summer of 2006, the band split up temporarily because Ryan, Gomez, and Wilson all moved away to pursue their education. Ryan and Gomez continued to write music and when the band finally reunited, they decided to record a new album. With the addition of Larson on lead guitar, the band found a new sound with a bit more edge. The band was renamed to its current name, "A Perfect Paradigm," and they have released two full length albums. "Black & White" was released in the summer of 2007, and "Too Much Too Soon, Too Little Too Late" was released in the spring of 2009.


This is the Drama We Will Dance To

Written By: Luke Larson

This September's my last chance
Could it be
Choose your words carefully and then predict the end
Cause I've been working overtime
Synchronizing every line
Is it mine for your heart

So sell me your best line tonight
I'll make this right I swear and if I
Paid for it with every chance I thought was never there

I sold my soul for the chip on your shoulder and maybe now we're just a little bit older
This time don't you dare feed me any lies
This could honestly be the death of me

Holding close to the effort that you're making
You're spine is weak
Don't let this be the death of me
Risking every word for sentences with shaky endings
Don't let this be the death of me
And nervous eyes, this song is just another fragile lullaby

This is the drama we will dance
Just an image in the mirror you gave me
So step up now and kiss me like you mean it
What's the use in fighting an emotion that's defeated

So call me reckless I am defenseless this time
You're not alone like everyone
You're not alone like everyone

Blu Eyes Only Get You So Far

Written By: Andrew Dobson

Streetlights hit my eyes
It's 11:25
Both hands on the wheel as I drive
You're fast asleep

All the contours of your face
Are perfect in every way
As the light hits your lips
And all the games you play
You're here with me
I thought forever
But these nights have shown
What I thought I'd never see
But you thought I'd never know

Party it up little girl
You're gone and you got the world
In the palm of your hands
I'll let you redefine whatever I mean to you
I bit my tongue for so long
But this time you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong

I tried so hard to ignore this and bite my tongue
But what is there left to say for if the feelings are gone
This car is cold, but the heat is on
My eyes should cry, but tonight they're staying dry

Streetlights start to fade
The cars turn to grey
This is the last time I'll play
Before I fade away
You had your fun
And I'll have mine
I tried so hard but you're running out of time

This Year's Last Laugh

Written By: Luke Larson

Should I leave these lights on
And write another song for you
Maybe I best forget it
Maybe I know that it isn't true
I think there's something to be said here
Whether you're listening or not
I think I fell a little harder
And you keep me tied in knots

You're not waiting and I'm not giving up

This is my gift to you this year
This is all wrong, this is all wrong
Soak it up with alcohol and tears
This is all wrong, this is all wrong
Not wrapped with paper or string
This is all wrong, this is all wrong
We made it from plastic and heartache
This is all wrong, this is all wrong

And I never saw it coming when you hit the ground running
Don't make me make a fool of myself
If the joke's on me, I don't think it's funny
Don't make me make a fool of myself
And I never would have picked you to be so cunning
Don't make me make a fool of myself
Don't make me make a fool of myself

Have some pity on this never happy after
Signed with love, your favorite disaster

Am I at your mercy
I'll think I'll venture to say no
Cause I can keep my distance
And I can never let it show
That I'm addicted to you baby
And I meant it when I sang into your eyes beneath the afterglow
And when I bite my tongue for you I only sing it cause it makes you happy

This is my gift to you this year
This is all wrong, this is all wrong
I was trying to steal your heart away
This is all wrong, this is all wrong
But when I captivated you
It didn't take long, it didn't take long
Until you captured me instead
This is all wrong, this is all wrong

You got your claws into me so deep
This is all I have to give

Screaming Within

Written By: Jensen Ryan

You told me your whole life story last night
And how it isn't alright
So tell me what can I do
It's even worse because I know that
You're not ready for that
So how can I get to you

The hints you give me
Are they reality
I want to be with you tonight
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Just give me one chance
Don't fight with romance
Let's just make things alright

Please say you'll stay here
For one more year
I can't take a life without you, no
Maybe I've been screaming within
Just throw it away and come with me tonight, tonight

So does this put you ahead or behind
These feelings I have inside
Do you know that I want you bad
Every second we spend is priceless
I can't breathe I'm speechless
You're all that I ever had
(I'll sing this song a thousand times for you)


Black & White LP - released July 2007
Too Much Too Soon, Too Little Too Late, released March 2009

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Set List

An average set list would include covers and originals, usually 2 sets about 40 minutes in length each. The songs we choose from are:

Go Ahead and Say I Told You So
Keep Your Apologies To Yourself
Forgetting Is Forgivable, Lying's Just Ridiculous
Simplicity Is the Easy Way Out
Playing Devil's Advocate
The Chronic Case a.k.a. the Usual
Champagne Without the Sparkles
This is the Drama We Will Dance To
Blu Eyes Only Get You So Far
This Year's Last Laugh
Four Months Awake
As For Me
Well If It Isn't November

Inside Out - Eve 6
All the Small Things - Blink-182
500 Miles - The Proclaimers
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
My Friends Over You - New Found Glory
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
Drunk Girl - Something Corporate
Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra
Decade Under the Influence - Taking Back Sunday
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Swing Swing - All American Rejects
Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang