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Culver City, California, United States | SELF

Culver City, California, United States | SELF
Band Metal Alternative


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"Apeyga Makes A Loud Statement"

2/12/11...Apeyga is an all instrumental rock band formed in 2003. Their third album Ring was released last year. While the album offers only six tracks they make a loud statement within those compositions. Even though this is a trio it does not seem to hinder their ability to stretch out musically and come up with a full and entertaining sound. Ring is like a guitar freak-out session with pounding bass and drums driving it all along. Their single “Oil & Oxygen” (see the video included) is good example of this band’s capabilities. It was an excellent choice to push as their first single. The track is filled with plenty of wah and feedback, kind of like a psychedelic rock jam that Hendrix would have come up with on a good day. Another one of my favorites is the heavy duty “Android Asteroid”. It pounds you into submission in a good way. I would imagine they would have to give the nod to bands like Black Sabbath for inspiration (and who wouldn’t in the realm of metal?). As a matter of fact, “Jelly” reminded me of the Sabs at times from the album Paranoid. Apeyga is right on the cusp of being progressive however they are keeping their metal roots intact with Ring and I also heard some blues influence as well. I maintain that any good rock music has a blues base regardless of what genre tag is attached to it. Overall this is a blend of rock, metal, blues, pysch, and a bit of space rock - quite a few genres to account for. Ring is a potent musical statement from three inspired men. This trio is going to go places if they continue to evolve. They have to be careful not to get stuck in one place with this music because they will be forgotten quickly. Now that they have our attention the next trip into the studio should be more exploratory and hopefully we hear a little something more complex on the next go round. It sounds as if this band is capable of transforming into anything they choose and it should be interesting watching them grow.... RATING:: 4 out of 5 Stars... Key Tracks: Oil & Oxygen, Android Asteroid...-- Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikReviews.com Founder February 12, 2011 ©MuzikReviews.com REVIEW LINK: http://www.muzikreviews.com/reviews.php?ID=1434 - muzikreviews.com

"USA Based APEYGA Releases Third Album"

posted 2/13/11..USA based Apeyga, who specialise in a heavy guitar oriented rock sound, release their fourth album Ring. As it is some five years since Apeyga last featured in the DPRPages it might be useful to bring the band information up to date. The two brothers, John and Justin Peloian who founded the group in 2003 remain. Later on drums were added and there have been a few changes in the drum seat. So the line up that created Ring is as follows: John Peloian (bass), Justin Peloian (guitar) and Pete Pace (drums). Ring is not a very long CD, clocking in at just 25 minutes it is more an EP than a full blown album. Never mind that, what we are presented with is a heavy rock sound with hints of fusion and metal. It is very difficult creating an instrumental album and then give your audience a treat with every single song. So I would say the boys of Apeyga have chosen to give us quality, and not so lengthy for that matter, songs rather than go for quantity. With each track they try to create a certain atmosphere, a vibe for their listeners. That it is difficult to do so becomes clear when you listen to the material. I hear a lot of resemblance in each of them, but that might just be the signature of Justin. After all they only play instrumentals and as a trio, thus making variation even harder. What is very apparent in this mini album is the high level of energy in the songs. Listening to this 25 minutes in one go can really wear you out. It is that intense. And all songs have this high intensity featuring heavy guitar work, thick layers of bass guitar and loud, pounding drums. All three musicians do their best to take the forefront and show off what they do best. It’s quite a unique sound Apeyga have been creating over the last decade. Astounding music with quality in the production as well as performances, although calling it progressive rock, I don’t know. To me I think it more indie rock, but hey what’s in the name, you could call this post rock. The best way to describe the music really is to me think Zappa and then his heaviest stuff on guitar. Being only 25 minutes long the album is worth a try for all heavy guitar lovers out there. Conclusion: 7 out of 10 ......GERT HULSHOF... REVIEW LINK: http://www.dprp.net/reviews/201105.php#apeyga - Dutch Progressive Rock Review


Going APEYGA…Ring!!! Posted on February 4, 2011 by RAR ALBUM REVIEW: Ring – APEYGA APEYGA, the three-piece heavy-jazzadelic unit out of Culver City, Southern California, who recently released Ring, their third LP, is an indie film producer’s mother lode of disturbing, disorienting, sonic assault; just the kind needed for that FEAR.NET gore fest my wife keeps on all night long, so that now I can’t sleep unless I hear women screaming in the background. You may wonder who thinks in these sonic terms, but I have done that for you: it is brothers Justin (guitar) and John Peloian (bass), along with their brother in spirit, Pete Pace (drums). The Peloian brothers started as a jazz fusion duo, just guitar and bass, which quickly garnered the attention of club bookers and recording engineers in SoCal who were taken by the musical ideas and their execution, which made it pretty clear that the Peloian’s were not just making noise, that they were on to something real. One begs pardon for the “noise” reference, which may seem irreverent in the context of APEYGA. They may seem like noise to music fans who are just never going to go where APEYGA is always headed, which is into the heavy water musical abyss, where you swim in a torrent of rushing currents until the pressures building between your ears and your emotions can no longer be contained and your head explodes. APEYGA is probably not an experience for everyone, but for some reason when their sonic assault has ended, and everything goes quiet, it feels like life has stopped happening. One knows they cannot exist at APEYGA’s break neck, ear ringing level of dynamic tension, but for reasons unknown it feels right when you are there. This isn’t really date music, unless your date is with Ecstasy and Rohypnol or with someone who is really into you in that mind-bending way that this type of music supports. In six songs, APEYGA takes the listener down the entire elevator shaft of sensation and awe, through all the chakras right to the heart of the beast, like a cruise ship council chartered for Hell. But it is an okay sort of Hell, an insane sort of ride, which if you just let yourself go seems to shoot you out the other side of the initial rush with a pleasurable burn that melts your perception into a fine-grained acceptance of…APEYGA. I have no idea what that (apeyga) is, but it’s fine. There are some great performance videos of APEYGA on YouTube, which are good reference to the sound in that these are clearly mature music intellects in full flight and watching them at work confirms that. For those who can’t know that all is well without the FEAR.NET noise in the background, APEYGA’s Ring is must-have jazz. Produced by JUSTIN PELOIAN Studio 13 Culver City, Ca. Mixed by Industry Engineer TODD BURKE (assisted by Chris Claypool) OHM Studio Los Angeles, Ca. Mastered by Grammy Winner GAVIN LURSSEN (assisted by Reuben Cohen) Lurssen Mastering Hollywood, Ca. Recorded by RICH WENZEL (assisted by Nick Zagorin) Ardent Audio Torrance, Ca. .....--Rick Alan Rice (RAR) is Publisher of RARWRITER.com and the Revolution Culture Journal... REVIEW LINK: http://rarwriter.com/Blog/?p=62 - RARWRITER.COM

"As In Life"

"Apeyga presents a complex fusion of jazz and rock that defies convention, and confounds
expectation." - Reviewer Magazine

"Rock Review"

"The LIVE experience is like being reamed by a firehose
of sonic emission... and liking it." - getUndergound.com

"Math Rock"

"Imagine what Euclid would do if he
had access to a guitar."
- University of New Mexico

"Live Show Review"

Dec. 7 @ The Derby

By Richard Castaneda

In one of the most interesting sets I’ve heard in a while, Apeyga mesmerized the crowd at the Derby with their melodic yet pummeling riffs. Much to their credit, these guys are completely uncategorizable. They consider themselves aggro-jazz, art-rock or punk fusion, among many labels.
The dynamic sounds that come out of Justin Peloian (guitar), John Peloian (bass) and Pete Pace (drums) are nothing short of extraordinary. They played their entire album Forward, which features, among its most diverse tracks, “Rise & Shine,” “Galaxies” and “151.”

If you like progressive rock, jazz and world beats, this is a band you should check out. - Campus Circle Magazine

"Lo-fi Trio Displays Melodic Philosophy"

"There's great flow, and the sound revolves around a continuous theme of interesting and dissonant melodic portraits run through a variety of effects and mood." - CdReviews.com


"Speaking of Apeyga,...the track “Traveler” is awesome; a frenetic jam that made me get up & dance, “151” is a bumpin’, mad jam that really kicks ass; it has a bitchin’ guitar solo in it, in fact there are layers of Justin’s guitar tweaking that texturize it, making it sound bigger. These new songs show Apeyga have been working at it and that they’ve evolved since the eponymous release they put out about a year ago, one that I reviewed last year. I’ve been sitting here, at my computer, as I write this, listening to the new tracks on the Apeyga website, over & over again, the undulating, fluid instrumental jams just seamlessly flow into one another and it is a blissful sensation. - kent manthie reviewermag.com - Reviewer Magazine

"New Album Review 10/07"

"Forward is a vibrant incorporation of light, lush melodic numbers like Liberatus and harder tracks like Rise And Shine. Effects pedals are kicked into fifth gear across the disc, flavouring five of the seven tracks. And these jams are tight, with each song under four minutes. Apeyga seem to be shooting here for quality, not quantity. There are a few evident comparisons to other bands here, most obviously King Crimson. Pinstripe and Liberatus evoke Discipline-era Crimson and would not be out of place during the 1983 Champaign-Urbana record sessions for that band’s Three Of A Perfect Pair release. The End Of Reason, with its monstrous wall of noise, would sit well aside The Construkction Of Light. Other influences abounding here and there, whether deliberate or otherwise, include Rush, Television, Providence, R.I.
experimental noise-core duo Lightning Bolt, The Cocteau Twins, and indie instrumental band Tortoise.

The self produced disc shines with excellent sound quality and deft musicianship. And judging by the amount of fan testimonials on the band’s website, they are apparently a phenomenal band to see live.
According to the date and cities listed on their site they have not toured outside of California. It would be great to see them do that someday.

This is a band with a great future ahead of them, no doubt."
-The Dutch Progressive Rock Page Review - Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Apeyga Award"

On December 6th, Apeyga took home the Rock City News Award for
BEST MELODIC & INSTRUMENTAL BAND 2006. The event was held at B.B. Kings nightclub on Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles, California. - Rock City News

"Eclectic Ultra Modern Band Discovered in the Jungles of LA"

ECLECTIC ULTRA MODERN BAND DISCOVERED IN THE JUNGLE OF LA [by Connie J. Schlosberg]- Jan. '08 I’m always afraid to share my favorites for guilt of having everyone discover them and then I never get the guilty pleasure of enjoying good music selfishly to myself. Nonetheless, I’ll present to you a delight in musicality that you don’t come across everyday. Derived from the Armenian word, apaga, which means ‘future’ - APEYGA (ah-pay-gah) certainly lives up to its name. The futuristic fusions of jazz, punk, metal, funk and art rock music put this instrumental band in a class all unto its own. It’s no wonder that they won the Rock City News Award for “Best Melodic & Instrumental Band 2006.” In 2003, Apeyga was started by two brothers – Justin and John Peloian; Justin plays guitar while John handles the bass. The compositions are based on ideas Justin had while attending grad school for Visual Arts and further developed when John was seeking his Master of Arts degree in Psychology. After playing various open mike nights, they developed a following and were asked to play the infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard. I’m no stranger to the Rainbow and I know if you get asked to play there, you’re obviously worth a listen. Justin and John describe their efforts as “Instrumental Fusion.” They’ve consciously decided to forgo the vocalist allowing the instruments themselves to provide the verses. However, their latest creations will have lyrics added into the mix of what inspires them in their quest for amelioration. Their next album should have a vocalist joining in on the Apeyga venture to bring life to the lines they wrote for their latest songs. The guys liken their music to “drinking a shot of whiskey for the first time.” They say “It is shocking and you will remember it, however it might take a little while for it to grow on you. For most people, they will try it again, appreciating more each time, and some even become addicted.” After grooving to their sound bites available on their website and Myspace page, I certainly see what they mean! Apeyga hits you like a thunderbolt and jolts you so high you can’t help but keep coming back for a more. Their music is intelligent supremacy yet digestible for the mere mortals of music appreciation. Apeyga’s unique style is “created by fusing guitar riffs together until the general structure of the song is built.” The bass lines are added in next ascertaining that each piece transitions flawlessly into one another. The drum sections are added in last using their drummer’s innovations. A lot of their improv collaborations have formed into bona-fide originals. Their latest album Forward is a collective ultra mod mix of jazz and metal and was self-produced at their studio in Culver City, CA using a Mac Powerbook and Motu 828 interface and Audiodesk software. Their latest endeavor is currently being played on internet radio collective Live 365. My favorite song is “Traveler” a psychedelic groove of a journey reminiscent of a group called Television from times of yore. I just love the heavy unparallel use of bass lines. “151” is a strange brew of heavy metal and funk with sounds of swans dying in the background. The jazzy funk-a-delic “Liberatus” and “Pinstripe” add to the diversity of the album. The eerily spacey “The End of Reason” calls out from the dark with metal lurking in the shadows. Another showstopper – “Galaxies” – is an oceanic melodrama dream. Although they are primarily Southern Cal based, they are generating fans from all over the world and may subsequently be able to tour outside their locale. Any fan of progressive music should make an effort to check these guys out. They are not the future; they are the now! Please visit their websites to find out more about Apeyga and how to purchase their albums and get the latest tour information. -SONICSIRENS WORDPRESS - Sirens of the Sonic Age



Justin Peloian: GUITAR John Peloian: BASS Pete Pace: DRUMS..
Mixed by Todd Burke Mastered by Gavin Lurssen Produced by Justin Peloian Contact Information Email : apeyga@yahoo.com Address : Culver City Ca 90232 United States of America



Hear what all the buzz is about, and why
these songs earned them the "BEST MELODIC
New studio versions of "Traveler", "The End of
Reason", "Galaxies", "151", "Pinstripe", "Liberatus", and "Rise & Shine" make this a powerful and undeniable second release from APEYGA.

Album credits:
drums: Kyrt Hensch
bass: John Peloian
guitar, cover art, recording,
mixing & production: Justin Peloian

mastered by: Jonathan Belzley
graphic layout: Oceano Ransford
music written by Justin, John, and Kyrt
recorded in Culver City, Ca October 2006

RELEASED OCTOBER 2005, the self-titled album was
APEYGA's first full-length studio recording.
Hear clips of the album at AMAZON.COM and discover why
this CD has defined them as one of the main contributors
to the genre of 'Jazzmetal' along with Fishbone and Mr.Bungle!

Album song list and credits:
1. Distorted Redemption - 3:07
2. Futurelife - 4:23
3. My Soul In Gold - 3:13
4. Afterhit - 5:52
5. Am I Hip - 3:38
6. Dead Clean - 3:42
7. Timeworn - 4:50
8. Eagles Return - 3:21
9. Starved 4:45
10. Free - 2:54

drums: Colin Popadiuk
bass: John Peloian
guitar, cover art,
mixing, & production: Justin Peloian

mastered by: Gavin Lurssen
recorded by: Alan Gaffere
graphic layout by: Oceano Ransford
music written by Justin and John Peloian
recorded in Torrence, Ca October 2004


In the beginning, Apeyga existed as a guitar and bass duo. This 3 song EP marks their first studio recording and highlights the foundation of the band's musical writing style before drums were included into the group.

1. Waverush
2. Save yourself
3. Slide

Music written by Justin Peloian and John Peloian in
Valencia and Santa monica, Ca.
This EP was recorded Live in West Los Angeles at
Great Spirit Studios.
Engineered by Jeff Justice
Mixed by Justin Peloian
Mastered by Morphius Sound



2012 has been a time of new beginnings for Apeyga. Coming off of an amazing 8 year, 3 album run as an award-winning, all Instrumental Jazz-Metal Trio, they have now added a Lead Singer to the group. Original founders Justin Peloian (guitar) and John Peloian (bass), continue to reanalyze, recreate, and push their own musical boundaries. By writing animated, crowd pleasing lyrics, as well as performing with a wildly fresh style, the progressive genre of these brothers becomes clear. Now with the masterful, raw voice of singer ....... and the major finesse of recent drummer Lamar Little, Apeyga is an experienced group with a powerful new message.

The new album 'RING' is here for 2010! Long time Jazz-Metal instrumentalists, JOHN PELOIAN- bass, PETE PACE- drums, and JUSTIN PELOIAN- guitar, have created a masterpiece of modern sound that will raise your awareness of what can be sonically possibly with simply three instruments. Each song has it's own personality and each song with blow your mind!
Produced by JUSTIN PELOIAN, Mixed by TODD BURKE, Mastered by GAVIN LURSSEN, and Recorded by RICH WENZEL.

In 2003, brothers Justin Peloian and John Peloian formed the band APEYGA. They began to create songs based on musical ideas Justin had originated a couple years earlier in Graduate School. As the music began to develop, it was clear that the band's direction would be an Instrumental Fusion. In between singer songwriter, and stand up comedians, the Duo would plug the electric guitar and bass into the house P.A., and play their songs. The response was great, and they were asked to have their first show at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Blvd. At that show, the sound-man, Jeff Justice asked if he could record them. APEYGA's first music was recorded as a guitar, bass Duo at Great Spirit Studios in West Los Angeles, California. This first EP, entitled "Instrumentals for Guitar and Bass", (track list: Waverush, Save Yourself, Slide) was then used to audition drummers.

In 2004 drummer Colin Popadiuk joined the band. With his back round in Punk and Math Rock, he added flare and soul-full drum parts to the Duo's songs. With their new Trio, APEYGA began to perform in Los Angeles and the South Bay. Within 6 months, and positive reviews of their shows, an L.A. booking agent asked to represent them, and they soon headlined small clubs in West L.A., as the only Instrumental band on the bill. With growing support, they recorded this set of music at Alan Gaffere's Hi Pro Studios in Torrance,Ca. APEYGA released their first full length studio album in October of 2005. (album track list: Distorted Redemption, Futurelife, My Soul In Gold, Afterhit, Am I Hip, Dead Clean, Timeworn, Eagles Return, Starved, Free) The self produced, self-titled album gained good reviews and established them as a defining element for the musical genre, "Jazz-Metal". Other terms used to describe APEYGA's music at the time were, "Punk-Fusion", "Aggro-Jazz", and "Nu-instrumental Rock". Justin and John soon began to write new music and audition drummers.

In August of 2005 they were fortunate to bring Drumeline expert and coach, Kyrt Hensch into the group. Within 2 months they were playing shows again extending their territory to San Diego, and were sounding better than ever. In February of 2006, a 4 song "Live Demo" was recorded in the well known Studio C at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, with engineer Geoff Gibbs.This Demo was used for promotion only, earning them online recognition and new concert opportunities. Playing to standing ovations and gaining a larger fan base, venues wanted the band to return to their stage. Then, in December of 2006, APEYGA
was voted the "BEST MELODIC AND INSTRUMENTAL BAND'" by L.A. based Rock City News Magazine. They soon began to put together the next album of songs that earned them this award. This time the music was self recorded and produced at their own studio in Culver City,California.

2007 marked the release of the album, "Forward". (Album track list: Pinstripe, Liberatus, Rise & Shine, Galaxies, The End of Reason, Traveler, 151) The Dutch Progressive Rock Review wrote:"The self produced disc shines with excellent sound quality and deft musicianship." Apeyga continued to perform this album in Southern California, with the addition of stylistic drummer Pete Pace (286, London After Midnight). In December of '07, the trio held their CD Release Party with a packed house, at the well known Derby in Hollywood. "Apeyga mesmerized the crowd at the Derby with their melodic yet pummeling riffs. Much to their credit, these guys are completely uncategorizable", declared Campus Circle Magazine's review of the show. "The dynamic sounds that come out of Justin Peloian (guitar), John Peloian (bass) and Pete Pace (drums) are nothing short of extraordinary."

2008 continued to be progressive times for the band as they began to experiment with new musical styles and auditions of band members. Greater guitar and bass effec