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""hovers above her contemporaries in this genre""

Yoko K. (http://cdbaby.com/cd/yokok) will take you to another state of existence. She's a one-woman orchestra of transcendent electronic landscapes, producing wave after wave of trippy, synthesized textures.

However, beneath the chilly exterior of her beats is a vibrant human pulse. You get the impression that Yoko is expressing her emotions with these stream-of-consciousness rhythms; in fact, it's almost like a futuristic makeover of classical music as tempos change to reflect a shift in mood. The title cut, for example, gradually picks up steam, creating an increasingly disorienting effect with its trippy electronics.

On "Yoake," Yoko injects her own disembodied, dreamy voice to offer a poetic, cinematic narrative about "waiting for the misty sunrise." It's the perfect soundtrack for club goers coming home - or should that be coming down? - after an all-night rave. "Yoake" is a prime example of how Yoko hovers above her contemporaries in this genre. She takes it a step further, putting as much thought and feeling into each track as possible.

Yoko steers from predictability as much as possible. In an electronica world rife with cookie-cutter clones, Yoko expresses intoxicating originality, mixing traditional Oriental flavors with ghostly vocals in the mournful "Mimi's Heart Muted" and singing in French on "La Complainte d'R2" with added trumpet and tumbling percussion.

This is truly the work of a visionary, a woman that I'm sure we'll be hearing more about soon.
- Adam Harrington, Whispering & Hollerin - UK

"aphrodizia - 012906"

The debut album from Yoko K is a beautifully light and serene album which blends subtle ambiences, delicate instrumentation and evolving atmospheres with alternative dance and light drum and bass. There's many different electronic sounds throughout the album the choice of sounds and the balance between these and the intrumentation and natural ambiences are fascinating. Yoake is a stunning piece that takes the listener on a lush atmospheric journey with its delicate otherworldly soundscapes and breathy blissed out vocals from Yoko. There also great use of effects within the album on the percussion and placement of sounds which further aids the sound and provides a wider more captivating sound. This is used well especially within the light and airy dance influenced Yun Ae Se Po and the beautifully tranquil Searching. While Eleventh Years diverse textures in sound and global influences provide a deep and compelling soundscape which to truly lose yourself within. Aphrodezia's sound is hard to define which is defiinatly a good thing, imagine the more peaceful, serene and lighter sides of Bjork with a slight world twist and you're coming close. 012906 is a fascinatingly beautiful and captivating album, highly recommended for anyone wanting to escape the pressures of the modern world. - Free Soul Recordings


Featured vocalist in "Uchu Ryokou" in the album "One Day" by Dalminjo - Deeplay Music (Sweden), Rambling Records (Japan). February 2006

Album "012906" by Yoko K. - Asahra Music. August 2006
Nominated for "Best Album in Dance / Electronica" by the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards



Organic Electronica - weaving the layers of hypnotic soundscape, Yoko K. (a.k.a. aphrodizia), a laptop composer/vocalist, aspires to mediate between the sensual and the spiritual life. Soothing yet at times haunting, the flow of her sound inscribes dichotomies such as nature and synthesis; future and nostalgia; urban and primitive; death and life - in harmony.

Born and raised in Japan, Yoko began the study of classical piano at the age of 3, learned to play several music instruments throughout her childhood, sang at jazz clubs, and eventually started to produce music on her laptop. Her production received numerous awards such as New Media and Audio Grant by the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and her debut album "012906" was nominated for "Best Album in Electronica" by the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards. Yoko has performed for art galleries, events/happenings, clubs and festivals across the US, and collaborated with various musicians, producers, and visual / performing artists around the world; in May 2006, her collaborative work has been featured in W/PAC Experimental Media Series at Corcoran Gallery of Art. She also participates in Dust Galaxy, a solo project of Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation, as a keyboard player and a backing vocalist. Yoko is also keen on utilizing her music as a way of raising awareness for cross-cultural understanding and tolerance; her ongoing projects include "Amahoro" which features the narrative of 1994 Rwanda Genocide. Yoko currently lives in Washington DC. For more information, visit http://www.aphrodizia.net.