A Piece Of The Action

A Piece Of The Action

 Los Angeles, California, USA

You will forever remember going to an A.P.O.T.A show because your ears will ring with happiness for the next few days. All you'll be able to talk about is how much fun you had at our show and the energy you felt surging through your body when that first note hit you. We are the next big metal band.


A Piece Of The Action was started by Adam Morales in Jan. 2009 with the idea of getting together some of the best musicians and friends anyone could ever ask for. In his search, guitarist Steve Castellanos, his long time friend had joined the line up. Steve and Adam had shared the stage together before in the band known as Soverbia. Later guitarist Andy Olson, from Minot North Dakota, moved to LA and found that A.P.O.T.A. was holding auditions for an additional guitarist. He came down, and was the perfect fit. In the following months bassist Dale Rosales, Adam's long time friend from High School, quickly stepped in. Dale, prior to joining A.P.O.T.A. , used to be in a band known as Doja with Adam's older brother. After months of searching for the right person, a talented drummer from Texas by the name of Alfred Jasso became part of the A.P.O.T.A family. With the best fans a band could ask for, several tours under their belts, an astounding sound, and the desire to conquer the world, A Piece Of The Action continues to write and record music that makes the ears cheer that there is a metal band out there that is unlike any other.


A Piece Of The Action - Self titled E.P. 2010