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"A Palace In Persia @ Diversity Fest"

On Saturday a plethora of local and regional artists will take part in Diversity Fest, at the Melbourne Jaycees, 2401 Post Road.

The showcase of at least nine bands is open to all ages. Admission is $8. The concert begins at 5pm.

Scheduled performers include Palm Bay experimental band, Beating A Horse To Death, Palm Bay punk band, Pathetic Fallacy, Satellite Beach-based thrash group, Shattering Silence, and alternative rockers, Ill Fate, among others.

While most of these bands are certainly worth catching, A Palace in Persia stands out above the rest.

Based out of Orlando, A Palace in Persia is a terrifically unpredictable, creative band that refuses genre allegiances.

Rather than writing variations of the same song, time and time again, A Palace in Persia clearly invests an incredible amount of creative capital in each and every one of its songs.

Track one on the band’s website, http://www.myspace.com/apalaceinpersia, showcases a sound that sounds like an updated version of the Cure meets indie rock meets Portis Head. (Check out bassist and vocalist Nasrulah Paul Rahbari’s falsetto 80’s glam-rock scream toward the end of the song.)

By the time track two whispers from your speakers you’d almost swear this is a totally new band. The tune is nothing short of a dramatic, epic rock symphony in the vein of the Doors. Rahbari frees his vocals from front-man convention as he lets emotional expression rule the day.

Meanwhile track three is heavy on the funk and track four leaves your head spinning with a variety of influences.

- Florida Today


A Palace In Persia - Metaphenomena [2007] full length



From the sweltering nether regions of Orlando, Florida, psychedelic rock band A Palace in Persia is solely about expanding your mind. Bassist and vocalist Nasrulah Paul Rahbari II says, "Don't just sit and listen to a melody but to the parts that comprise the melody, to pick apart the rhythms that make a section sound the way it does and make you feel the way you do. Do not just listen to my voice but to what I am voicing about." The band's debut album Metaphenomena, which was released on 04/20/07 through The Apparatus Records, is the mere tip of the very large future for listeners and is something that could be enjoyed on many levels by many ears. The band wants to give the listener something to fully dive into and tear apart.

Metaphenomena is the first release in which will ultimately be a four-album story. This particular album is solely the meeting of the main character and a mysterious three-headed man named KHAYYAM, hence only three songs, each representing each head and what each tells the main character. In this album's place in the series, it is the second part. Future artwork and later album content will ultimately unveil revelations of beyond cosmic proportions.

A Palace In Persia is a part of the exciting new wave of progressive rock acts like The Mars Volta, Coheed And Cambria and smaller acts like Mare. The band's influences come from a variety of musical sources. Essences of Jeff Buckley and Bjork as well as early Pink Floyd and Islands-era King Crimson can be heard. Each record is to be totally different in sound and complexity, with the first release to slowly lure people in before they are plunged headfirst into a wild other universe.