A Palace In Persia

A Palace In Persia


describing our music is like trying to explain to someone what is like to trip on Psilocybin mushrooms ...its just something you must experience.


From the sweltering nether regions of Orlando, Florida, psychedelic rock band A Palace in Persia is solely about expanding your mind. Bassist and vocalist Nasrulah Paul Rahbari II says, "Don't just sit and listen to a melody but to the parts that comprise the melody, to pick apart the rhythms that make a section sound the way it does and make you feel the way you do. Do not just listen to my voice but to what I am voicing about." The band's debut album Metaphenomena, which was released on 04/20/07 through The Apparatus Records, is the mere tip of the very large future for listeners and is something that could be enjoyed on many levels by many ears. The band wants to give the listener something to fully dive into and tear apart.

Metaphenomena is the first release in which will ultimately be a four-album story. This particular album is solely the meeting of the main character and a mysterious three-headed man named KHAYYAM, hence only three songs, each representing each head and what each tells the main character. In this album's place in the series, it is the second part. Future artwork and later album content will ultimately unveil revelations of beyond cosmic proportions.

A Palace In Persia is a part of the exciting new wave of progressive rock acts like The Mars Volta, Coheed And Cambria and smaller acts like Mare. The band's influences come from a variety of musical sources. Essences of Jeff Buckley and Bjork as well as early Pink Floyd and Islands-era King Crimson can be heard. Each record is to be totally different in sound and complexity, with the first release to slowly lure people in before they are plunged headfirst into a wild other universe.



Written By: A Palace In Persia

Fervor and Frailty

I sought you out
And down the trickle i found you.
Lend me your wisdom.
I've seen this place through my fetal eyes
And in these desperate days I've found my resting place....

How strange is man.
How strange this land.
This land has changed.
The footprints of monstrosities have laid waste to this plain.

A storm of sound to hail the crown that reins over us.
With tongues a flame we'll set a blaze the straw in our heads.
Head on, head on, just keep your burning heads on.
Head on, Head on, We keep our burning heads on.
Trend scare, trend scar, what have we dug this trench for
Head on, Head on, We keep our burning heads on.
Trend scare, trend scar, we cower in this trench now...

What did you think?
That such inveterate marring could just be buried
and left to boil and weep?
The mouth of the earth screamed "dirty,"
So you had her bound and gaged,
with righteousness between her teeth
and progress placed over her head.
You've dirtied this water
And bore a plant more man than plant
More man than man.

The earth is on fire! The world is on fire!
Our eyes are on fire! Our ears are on fire!
Our thoughts are on fire! Our mouths leak flame!
O sweet apathy save my soul.
Where there is flesh there is fire.
Where there is flesh there is flame.

What more is an angel than
Bird and man
A burdened man
bird and man
A burning man.
What more is the devil than
A goat and man
Gold and man
A goat and man
Golden men.
These are the equations of fervor and frailty.

Money Culture: Vendetta

Hey mister!
Looks like you've seen better days.
Please take this apple as an offering, i insist.
All I ask of you is just one favor,
if you come across a worm beneath that apples skin
tell him that I'm coming for him
and when I find him there will be nothing left but the core of the apple that he's been hiding in.

So there I was
face to face
with the object of this boys obsessions,
so i leaned in and said
"excuse me worm but there is a boy who is looking for you
and he's out to kill you."
then he looked me in the eyes and replied
"you tell HIM...you tell him that I'm coming for him"

Oh I'm coming for him
And when I am through with him sorrow and despair will have consumed his whole family.
I will gorge myself on poison berry and fruit until I fall ill
And I'll plant myself in that boys very last apple.
This will be my final stand.
this will be my fall.

Enamel knights! Shred my skin!
Release this pathogen!
I inch this troubled path alone...
Today I die.
Go out a warrior
and not a tear will be cried...

Money Culture: Progress Parade

"You may not always hear the crack-crack-cracking of tree tops falling
But you will always hear their slaughterhouse roar-roar-roaring.
Cash in your change and join this progress parade.
The product of a money culture."

"Come on over!
Tonight we dine with skyscrapers and high rises."

"citizens please lend your limbs."

"climb, Climb, climb, Until we reach the sky its just Grind, Grind, Grind.
The Purpose of a money culture."

"Kaw-Kaw- Kaw! Crow!?
Was it you who stole the beat from the dervish dancers?
Did you fly off with their feet during bedtime prayer?
Or whisper in their ears "this is an act of God."

"Weep-Weep-Weep! Beau!
They've impregnated your wife with a Cibera seed
and made off with the brides maid and the ring."


Beneath the water
under the wreckage
You'll find his daughter
Has left a message
And in the moonlight
That tainted rock bed
Will shine like diamonds
Or ruins...ruins...


"Etched in our skeletons, machine mouths babbling.
You can't stop the progress parade, can't stop the progress parade!"


"Cultivation starts, just below the fingertips
Feel It course through your veins and pluck you spinal chord like
gimme gimme gimme oh, gimme gimme gimme, oh we've got ourselves another one..."

"This money culture, born in a petri dish
spread like a virus, became a pandemic
and with a sickly grip we clutch our mutant hearts
A money culture can't replace these parts..."


When the oceans and rivers purge
No mans weight could deter the current...
Washed away.
Washed away.

They are formed from her skin.
Dermis stretched over marrow masses.
They wander out on shaking legs.
In your wake life is born.
Are they blood? For you share the same mother.
Are they blood? Or the strain of another?
They swarm around his body, in search for the seed.
They swarm around his body, from his wounds they shall feed.

Crystal eyes stare at broken bones and bloodied cloths.
Tears spew in vein for here there is no home.
Are they blood? For you share the same mother.
Are they blood? Or the strain of another?
They swarm around his body, in search for the seed.
They swarm around his body, from his wounds the


A Palace In Persia - Metaphenomena [2007] full length

Set List

Fervor and Fraility (10:35 recorded /15 mins live)
Money Culture:Vendetta (4:28 recorded /5+ live)
Money Culture: Progress Parade (9:41 recorded /10+live)