a place of solace

a place of solace


"a place of solace" is music from the soul. Driven by pure raw emotion. Intense music in all it's natural beauty!


Wanna know why record sales are down? Carbon copy,cookie cutter pop. Wanna change? We'd like to introduce A Place of Solace out of Huntington, West Virginia. No hype. No image. No bullshit. With a sound like no one else, Tommy (Vocals, Bass & Guitar), Tim (Guitar), Jeremy AKA "Pops" (Drums) & Misty (Percussion) are known for infecting their local music scene with a revolutionary new idea ----- Musical Integrity and Originality. Give a listen to their 13 song, self-produced cd. No studio tricks, no effects, no cheap overdubs. Just straight ahead raw emotion with an emphasis on solid songwriting. And those hooks deliver live. A Place of Solace show is the most intense live show you will ever witness... A frenetic, charismatic frontman leading a no holds barred assault on every sense. A Place of Solace brings the challenge and this act packs the balls to back it up. No costumes, no gimmicks, just pure expression. A Place of Solace has shared the stage with dozens of national acts. Their music has been featured in compilations and has maintained constant local radio airplay. A Place of Solace reputation as an extreme live act landed them a featured spot on the soundtrack and in the movie "Burning Annie". In closing... Do you want to follow the trend of disposable pop saccharine? Or do you want to lead a new movement where music, not market, matters? A Place of Solace is the band that will bring about that change!


a place of solace: (2002)
Monument: Release Date 4/13/07

Set List

15 to 20 song set of original music.