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The best kept secret in music


"No Sleep For The Wicked"

Aplonea find themselves in the enviable position of having alot on thier plate. While 3 of thier band members contemplate turning 21 are taking a backseat to the launch and release of thier second release "Wake Your Blissful Slumber"

"Its coming up to 3 years since we first got together, Kevin (Bass) has only been with us a year. We played around Sydney without a bassist and thought we were heaps cool and something different, but with just 2 guitars and drums we sounded really tinny" says vocalist, guitarist Andrew Eddy " So while its our second EP its our first with Kevin"

"The way the album came about was the songs were written separately and when we put them together they had a similar theme. Its pretty much what the title says, they all deal with waking up to everything else around you rather than just going about your daily business and keeping your eyes closed to the other stuff " Explains Eddy

While some of the songs on "Wake Your Blissful Slumber" were written for the pervious EP, most are drawn from recent work. "We just keep writing and pick what we're happiest with. We've got heaps of new stuff now, i mean we could do another EP now" Says Hlaing

While most bands have trouble defining themselves in terms of which genre they fit most comfortably into, Aplonea set these boundaries according to what they are not. "We're not metal, we're not punk, we're not ska, we're not emo and we're definately not rock, at least not in terms of Jet or AC/DC and bands like that" says drummer Tim Cameron "I guess we lean more toward Smashing Pumpkins and 90's alternative bands like that.

"After we release the EP, hopefully we'll head up on up to Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and the Gold Coast and introduce ourselves up there" says Eddy

So as you see, onwards and upwards. - Drum Media (Mar 26, 2006)

"Sleepers Awake"

Aplonea have a new disk out, its called "Wake Your Blissful Slumber" and they think that you'd like it. Thats just one of the reasons why they're playing the Gaelic Club on Saturday 23rd September - Drum Media (Sep 19, 2006)

"Aplonea of my eye"

Aplonea a special Christmas show at Candy's Apartment in Kings Cross on Thursday 21st Dec, with The Chaperones, Astreetlightsong and DJ Reno along for the festivities - Drum Media (Dec 19, 2006)

"Have you heard Aplonea?"


Your Music is?: Some sort of alternative/indie rock. Music for a Sunday afternoon

What acts inspired you to produce your own musc and why?: Well, life and all its mishaps are the main inspiration, really. Musically Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Silverchair, Jimmy Eat World, Bjork, Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones, Radiohead... could go one forever..

Why should we come and see you?: People at past shows seem to be bewildered by what we do, so maybe you could see why. Maybe 'cause we dont wear tight jeans!?'

How do you find the local live scene?: Crowds at weekend shows = great, Crowds at weekday shows = shit. And we've met alot of bands full of wankers...so its alright.. i guess

For more info see: www.myspace.com/aplonea

Next Available at:
Candy's Apartment 21st Dec - Drum Media (Dec 19, 2006)


"Self Titled EP"- 2004
"Wake Your Blissful Slumber" - 2006

Tracks from Wake Your Blissful Slumber can be heard on www.myspace.com/aplonea

Live tracks from its launch at The Marquee can be heard at www.aplonea.net


Feeling a bit camera shy


Aplonea (ah-plo-neah) : "Your state of mind and everything around you at that time" alternative/contemporary, emotional, music, melodramatic, psychedelic, Goth-tinged rock, moments of soft balladry, and meaningful, evocative lyrics, personal, musicianship, acoustics, inspiration out of bleak situations, live, progressive, soft, forte, evolve, e-bow, refine, atmosphere, rain, sunshine, rock, trip, big, chill-out, material, overcast, experiment, individual, methods, sounds, space, time, obscure, energetic, embrace, love, desire, futures, work, hotels, happiness, solace, paper and pen, hug, dreams, sweet grace, change, beauty, friends, loss, connect, hope, mist, cry, culture, affairs, trends, life, heart, soul, stars, sunset, morning, consumerism, governments, taste, sense, realise, touch, simplisity, drink, food, muff, layers, sleep, dew, cleanse, awake, eyes, human, generations, riots, protests, anger, angst, twilight, spirit, belief, hymns, fuck, twist, scream, jump, ooze, freedom?, memories, sadness, forceful, subtle, ponder, hurt, greed, entrance, lights through trees, nature, existence, completeness, passion, bitterness, dross, despair, tragic, quiet, loud, downs, ups, air, mistakes, smash, kiss, ocean, seasons, warmth, dull, rampage, sharp, innocence, farewells, hellos, waste, bittersweet, mellow, wait, humour, excuses, pleasures, world, sympathy, forgive, togetherness....