"Thought provoking ,alternative/psychadelic, beautifully crafted sounds with carefully constructed lyrics"


Aplonea (ah-plo-neah) : "Your state of mind and everything around you at that time" alternative/contemporary, emotional, music, melodramatic, psychedelic, Goth-tinged rock, moments of soft balladry, and meaningful, evocative lyrics, personal, musicianship, acoustics, inspiration out of bleak situations, live, progressive, soft, forte, evolve, e-bow, refine, atmosphere, rain, sunshine, rock, trip, big, chill-out, material, overcast, experiment, individual, methods, sounds, space, time, obscure, energetic, embrace, love, desire, futures, work, hotels, happiness, solace, paper and pen, hug, dreams, sweet grace, change, beauty, friends, loss, connect, hope, mist, cry, culture, affairs, trends, life, heart, soul, stars, sunset, morning, consumerism, governments, taste, sense, realise, touch, simplisity, drink, food, muff, layers, sleep, dew, cleanse, awake, eyes, human, generations, riots, protests, anger, angst, twilight, spirit, belief, hymns, fuck, twist, scream, jump, ooze, freedom?, memories, sadness, forceful, subtle, ponder, hurt, greed, entrance, lights through trees, nature, existence, completeness, passion, bitterness, dross, despair, tragic, quiet, loud, downs, ups, air, mistakes, smash, kiss, ocean, seasons, warmth, dull, rampage, sharp, innocence, farewells, hellos, waste, bittersweet, mellow, wait, humour, excuses, pleasures, world, sympathy, forgive, togetherness....



Written By: Andrew Eddy

Eye's wander to feel my will to bend,

I wonder what will I find and when,

And if you touch it,

And if you notice,

You will be sure to feel the will to bend,

Am I the only one who cares?

Driven by heart's alternate dress,

Is this the reason I feel dead?

Taste nothing but feeble thoughts and trends,

Fly further to mingle in your head,

And if you touch it,

Then you will notice,

And you will be sure to feel the will to bend,

To bend,

Is this the reason I am dead?

Everyone's insane,

All dressed up and look the same,

I wish it would just rain,

If I could wash it all away


Written By: Andrew Eddy

Connect with me through a smile, and change your life again,
I know it's been a while, Since you forgave/forget,
I am a force, I know, Don't push me around this time,
This conversation's died,

So you want something new?
Want something new?
Are you living again?

And sell your soul for hate, and never instigate,
The media foray, to satisfy our ways,
The powers in disguise, that occupy our time,
Bow down and recognise,

I want to live in a beautiful world

So you wanted to be free?
and live your live eternally?

I want a perfect world,
I want a beautiful world


"Self Titled EP"- 2004
"Wake Your Blissful Slumber" - 2006

Tracks from Wake Your Blissful Slumber can be heard on www.myspace.com/aplonea

Live tracks from its launch at The Marquee can be heard at www.aplonea.net

Set List

If given the time, our typical set would be. Roughly about 45 min

1. Art of being
2. Silouette
3. Halo
4. Gotham City
5. Colours
6. Deja Voodoo
7. To Love Again
8. Wildflower