Apocalypse Five and Dime

Apocalypse Five and Dime

 New York City, New York, USA

Apocalypse Five & Dime is a 7 piece tornado of brass, banjo and fiddle with swirling harmonies, thundering bass drum and tuba.
We mash up New Orleans, ragtime, hardcore, punk, pop dance music, Balkan brass, old time folk and bluegrass. Anachronistic dance pop and ballads for the end times.


When longtime solo songwriter and banjo player Phil Andrews aka Phil Not Bombs and percussionist Rebecca Heinegg returned to Brooklyn in 2009 from a one year sojourn in Atlanta (where they had formed the folk punk outfit Apocalypse Radio) they collected friends and co-conspirators in the Brooklyn brass scene to found Apocalypse Five and Dime. Drawing from sources as diverse as hardcore punk, dance pop, New Orleans ragtime and Balkan brass, the seven piece group coalesces around tight songwriting, big brass and fiddle lines, bold melodies and a fast dance beat. In addition to Andrews and Heinegg, who both also contribute harmonies and vocals, the lineup includes Michelle Hardesty on vocals, Heather Marcum on fiddle, Joe Keady (Staggerback Brass Band, Veveritse) on trombone, Quince Marcum (Staggerback Brass Band, Veveritse), and several veterans of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Adam Katzman on tuba and Naomi P on alto sax. Andrews also arranges and writes original music for the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Heinegg founded its dance team.


Underground (EP) 2010