A Poetic Tragedy

A Poetic Tragedy


A really intense hardcore band from Toronto.


We are a hardcore band for Toronto, Ontario. We are from ages 14-16 and have been a band for less than a year. We are really happy how much exposure we are getting from www.purevolume.com/apoetictragedy as we are usually top 10 in our genres of music. We are a mix of alot of bands but never follow any band and how they sound like. We give alot of energy at our live shows which people get into. We are A Poetic Tragedy.


Our only EP is on sale right now, distributed by us.

To listen to 3/5 songs on our EP, go to www.purevolume.com/apoetictragedy or

Set List

We are right now playing 7 songs for a usuall set which is half an hour at the most.