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Apollo Poetry

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Appeared on MTV'S True Life. Performed at the Billboard Awards. Featured on ABC, VIBE MAGAZINE, AND Showtime at Apollo. HUGE INTERNATIONAL BUZZ!


Apollo was born in Jerusalem, Israel, raised in Jersey, and now in Phoenix. He is a conscious versatile artist who can take hiphop and blend it with jazz, pop, or any other genre of music. He likes to make people think and move at the same time. A conscious versatile artist who has a huge international buzz.



Written By: Sevan Aydinian

This my L.O.V.E letter. This my L.O.V.E Letter.
I hope that we get together, because I just really want to be with you.

(Verse 1)
I bring the cool, you got the heat
Just for you, I'll even pause the beat
To tell you I want you and I need you now
Bringing it back down just to keep you round'
Sorry babygirl, but I'm just a man
It's the feeling that I get when I touch your hand
Want to grab it and take you to another land
Let's keep it together like a rubber band
Now, it's what lies in your eyes got me hypnotized
And the lies from the guys got your mystified
I don't know you as well as I should
But I want to get to know you as best as I could

(background: Baby, I know that you know I'm feeling you)

Verse 2-
The things that I want to do to you
Baby, your soul is beautiful
We will shine if they can let us
There is so much fate can tell us
Haters, Yeah, You make them zealous
Your beauty makes angels jealous
They rebelling, but I'm a tell them
That you give me a piece of heaven
Don't let other chics bring you down
Because you're a queen and they want your crown
All these guys should wait you out
Cause' you're a dream, but they want you now
Let it go, Let it flow, Get the Dough, Let Them Know
You don't have to be rained on, just to grow
And trust me, I ain't trying to stress you
I'm trying to compliment you

Baby I know that you know I'm feeling you
Because I just really want to be with you


Verse 3-
Let it go now
Everybody is trying to get you all down
I'll do what I can to pick you up
Like a pick up truck, I will lift you up
Place you down and put you to bed
Off to sleep with a kiss on the head
Why you rest with a pillow, instead
of my shoulder, on it, you can rest
Baby I know that you know I'm feeling you
Through the hard times, you know we'll see it through
We're connected spiritually
Baby, you're my serendipity
Get with me, It's destiny.
I knew you loved me before you met with me
We're the symbol of infinity
Like science class, we got chemistry




Performed on "Showtime at Apollo"

Appearing on MTV'S TRUE LIFE: I'm A Freestyle Rapper (June 2nd)

Featured in VIBE MAGAZINE (May Issue. Page 66)

Competed on the 2005 RAP OLYMPICS team

2004 SOURCE Magazine's "Unsigned Hype" Champion (awa)

Power 92.3s' Hall of Fame Champion (after 13 battles)

Performed for the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden

Worked with Swizz Beats

Was interviewed and had song played on NYC'S Z100 radio station

Song was played every hour of every morning on Power 92.3's 'MG'S Morning Madhouse'

Interviewed live on "Friday Night Flavaz"

Performed on Metro Channel's 'Studio Y' - LIVE TV (twice)

Featured in Urban Magazine’s A & R Report (www.urbanmagazine.net)

Featured in Xpoz Magazine, Muvement, and PressBox Magazine

Featured on front cover of Star Ledger newspaper

Featured performer at Epic Records Talent Showcase twice (Joe Cerini)

Won 1st Place at the Interscope Records sponsored Talent Show for "Best Solo Artist" (2001- SPC)

Featured performer during the National Indie Expo three times in a row!

Held the # 1 spot on the National MP3 Charts! (350,000 total online downloads)

Performed with rapper AZ, in Tyme-Based Talent Showcase

Won the New Jersey Poetry Slam (March 2004)
Was invited to compete in the 2004 Brainstorm Battle, 2004 Mic Fights, 2004 Scribble Jam, 2004 Fight Club, and 2005 Rap Olympics


Contact: apolloxtcy@yahoo.com/ 602-363-5587

Set List

2-3 Original Songs
Average: 7-10 min