Apollo 13

Apollo 13


Pop/Electronic music that rocks, seethes and soars. Winners in the 2004 John Lennon Songwriting Competition, 2005 Independent Music Awards and 2003 International Songwriting Competition. Music featured in XBOX games, feature-film trailers and Nike commercials. A truly multi-media act.


2006 MidPoint Music Festival Showcase
worldwide distribution through Super D/Phantom
1million+ purevolume.com plays
14,000 MySpace friends and counting
Sonicbids Featured Profile for week of May 1, 2006
Grand Prize Winner in Electronica in the 2004 John Lennon Songwriting Competition
Finalist in Dance/Electronica in the 2005 Independent Music Awards
First Place in Dance/Electronica in the 2003 International Songwriting Competition

In a world of iPods and attention-deficit disorders, it takes equal measures of adroitness, ingenuity and luck to make a name in today's fickle music business. We live in an age where malleable bands can actually reap rewards. It's finally a "good thing" to be an upstart act with an overactive imagination...

"We are venting something out into space." Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell Jr.

The space cadets in the five-piece, Lawrence, KS based Apollo 13 have pegged this famous distress call as their mantra. Eschewing industry pigeonholes, these boys have opted to throw the rulebook out the command module's cockpit window and release their sonic effluvium from all vents, hoses and fixtures. What does it smell like? It depends on your angle of approach.

From the bow you'll get a big whiff of Mike MacFarland and John Wirt's ultrasonic guitar rock, reminiscent of The Kinks and Lenny Kravitz. At the stern is the haze of MacFarland's sub-woofer pleasing electronic mixes, conjuring images of The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. Off the port and starboard you'll catch scents of drummer Danny Rojas and bassist Will Dinkel's R&B flavorings, steeped in the spices of The Roots and Mint Condition. Tingeing the entire odorous cocktail are the bombastic vocals of Shannon Savoie, the band's efficacious lyricist and frontman.

This olfactory mélange permeates the band's sophomore full-length album, "Lovebomb". Featuring an electro-rock vibe with hints of techno, pop and singer-songwriter flair, the disc doubly illustrates Apollo 13's maturity as song-crafters and applicability to today's mass-media markets. They are invariably comfortable in all modern musical venues: live performance, video games, feature films, television, etc. Listeners won't find it surprising that their material has successfully been placed in all of the above.

A valued ally in this cause is the 6th astronaut: the Apollo 13 digital studio. In fact, the studio is the elder, the band the progeny. Originally assembled by MacFarland and Savoie to cheaply preserve their musical musings, it began life as a discombobulated cabling mess, prone to malfunction (thus the naming reference to the similarly star-crossed NASA mission). With time and success came repairs and upgrades, eventually resulting in a finely tuned music-making machine.

The oft-elusive beast that is critical acclaim has not been a stranger. The initial pressing of "Lovebomb" was made possible by winning the Dance/Electronica Grand Prize in the 2004 John Lennon Songwriting Competition. The Apollo 13 trophy case also includes honors from the International Songwriting Competition and the Independent Music Awards. Internet denizens have joined the chorus as well, with recognition from esteemed music sites including purevolume.com, sonicbids and Onlinegigs.

Accompanying the album's release is an Internet and independent radio thrust. Live appearances throughout the Midwest are to begin in the heart of summer 2006, with tentative ventures to the coasts later in the same year. Tune all television sets and radio antennas to http://www.apollothirteen.com for up-to-date intelligence.


The Bomb

Written By: Shannon Savoie

You're The Bomb you're the mass destruction
you're the trigger the magnetic induction
you're the rose yeah you're the bloody fingers
you're the reason for the feeling that lingers
you're the promise yeah you're the brave new world
you're the hatred from a flag unfurled
you're the hero yeah you're a work of fiction
you're a villain baby everybody's addiction yeah.

You ought to know by now you can have
anything you want.
Leave your shyness at home babe
'cause you're The Bomb.

You're the groove yeah you're the white man's bane
you're the truth that eludes the sane
you're the vision driving in the rain
you're a mirage on a desert plain.
Like a movie that's been playing baby way too loud
I'm all caught up in your world and I can't get out.

You ought to know by now you can have
anything you want.
Leave your mama at home child
'cause you're The Bomb.

You're the ticket yeah you're the real thing
you're a star shining over everything
you're the blues that'll make a blind man sing
you're the booze baby in my drink
you're the reason you're the fighting cause
the policeman that's above the law
you're the governor trying to hide his flaws
you're a lover in a lion's jaws.

You ought to know by now you can do
anything you want.
You ought to know by now baby
you're The Bomb.
Yeah you're The Bomb.

Grandiose Palaces

Written By: Shannon Savoie

A wise man cries
over fools who live in Grandiose Palaces.
A true poet dies
with a heart like a phoenix
to rise from the ashes.
If you want to believe
there's a whole host of promises
if there's one you can keep, yeah.
For where there's no need
the gap gets filled with rhetoric and apathy.

we all do our time.
We all make our own way.
All of us tow the line.

A rich woman begs
while a poor man keeps his shirt-sleeves buttoned.
A true believer aches
while the fakers rely on their own good judgment.
These bugs have been eating out
this house for way too long to redecorate.
And we've been trapped here way
too long to ever think about our escape.

we all do our time.
We all make our own way.
All of us walk that line.
For the rest of our days.

You can take your sanity.
Hold it up for all to see.
Still it would mean
nothing at all.
'Cause insanity's a plea,
a trump card for society
to rid the disease of as all who know that
a wise man cries over fools who live in
Grandiose Palaces.

We all do our time.
We all make our own way.
All of us tow that line
for the rest of our days,
for the rest of our days,
for the rest of our days.
The rest of our days,
crying over Grandiose Palaces...


Lovebomb // LP // May 2006 // available online at http://cdbaby.com/apollo132

Brave New World // LP // Sept. 2004 // available online at http://cdbaby.com/apollo13

Songs "Brave New World" and "The Bomb" included in Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX'D, available on XBOX

Trailer music for feature film "Eros" (Mike MacFarland)

Nike Lebron James "We are all Witnesses" commercial music (Mike MacFarland)

Set List

Standard show is 3 sets, 45min apiece, all originals (any one set can be molded to accommodate for a shorter or longer single-set show, such as an opening slot):

1 - ELECTRONICON - electronic rock/pop (listen to "Interference")
2 - MELODICON - indie rock (listen to "Grandiose Palaces")
3 - ROCKBOMBIDANCITRON - rock out! (listen to "The Bomb")