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Lyric driven Hip Hop. Rap that makes you consciously cling to the words, yet can also have you moving your body and nodding your head. Songs address racial issues, personal issues, and many issues affected modern Hip Hop. Intended to appeal to an array of emotions. this is music you can feel.


Andrew and Taylor met coincidentally in a studio in Chapel Hill . Both students at UNC, they learned of each others talents and decided they should collaborate. While both had been making music for many years, together they took each other to new heights including an album release, an abundance of performances, and a strong fan base. Musically, they inspire each other and describe the air between them in a studio to rattle with creativity. What sets them apart from most other artists is their chemistry, their work ethic, and their love for music. In between classes and work, and often sacrificing sleep, they would in the studio and in just 4 months after meeting, they had produced, written, recorded, and mixed their debut album. It is now released to the public as they strive to gain more and more exposure. Both draw influences from God and family and musically from Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Kanye, Tupac, The Neptunes, and Timbaland.



Written By: Apollo

(Gary the Pit Preacher)
In Psalms 150, it said praise God in 10 string instruments
Praise God in the harp, Praise God in the tambourine
Can you find drums in anywhere in there?
No drums! No drums! No drums! (arguing, laughing)
Where do all these drums come from?
The Indians? Boom boom boom boom, conjuring up demons.
Africa? Boom boom boom boom, conjuring up demons.

Uh, Speaking thru Malcolm and Martin like falcons departing
Off of fountains in parks and asking how come I’m sparking
Wit these markers trying to make a mark on em
Bout this part of society that most think is far-gone
But, far not is this race issue
Sure we came a long way but it stills hits you
When you going for an interview at ya school
And all the teachers tell you that you’ll look like a fool
If you talk black and you don’t wanna do that
Cause you wont get ya scholarship cause of that
And them people in my face always calling me a wigger
Cause my fitted style vigor and they sit and they just bicker
And the vibes getting bigger talking bout we got race clothes
What type of shit is that, lets erase those
Misconceptions got the earth in pity
With more stereo types than circuit city

(Hook) x2
And see the soul, and see the soul
See the soul of the people let it glow
And see the soul, see the soul
And maybe one day we can all be colorblind

They wanna label dudes off of they hue
Of the skin not knowing it’s a fable
There’s no correlation of color that they’re making
They need innovation of thought elevation
But the nation is breeding racists
Whose hate is oozing outta veins I taste it
And they basis is fake and its merit less
See a turban and they think he a terrorist
And the narrowest of minds is among us
See a black dude and they think he a thug but
That’s not true so a dude try to get at them
That hood black thug and rap aint synonyms
And they defending them like Kramer aint wrong
“He was joking anyways, rappers say it in their songs”
And they told me that I talk like I’m black
So I must be stupid and I must smoke crack
And I must like rap but I’m not suppose to
I’m suppose to like rock and polos like most do
So I pose you the question of why
I got my hands closed and I’m looking to the sky saying

(Hook) x2

I dream of a day when color we wont see
Hate we wont feel, and fam we will be
And will be getting along like bumble bees
But they still make us put race on our bubble sheets
And that crumbles me, how we separate
How we isolate we need to integrate
Cause church Sundays are segregated
And lunchrooms all look like they’re gated
But hate is even worse than that
I been kicked out a party cause my boy was black
And that ignorance still burns in seams
And white boys cant make the basketball team
It seems were shattering dreams
And that just seems stupid to me
Being separated by our vague color lines
But maybe one day well be colorblind

(Hook) x2

Rock And Roll

Written By: Apollo

Rock and Roll
Yes yes, It’s about that time
Let’s switch it up on ‘em
I wanna see everybody rock to this one
Apollo, prop-t (everybody)
T, you ready
Yea, lets do this

(Hook) x2
I’ma straight bring you this rock and roll
Shooting for the top, I’ma lock and load
Moving the crowd, ima rock the show
Cuz them boys cant do it like us, no!

I’ll go Clapton, they still clapping
Rock beat banging but the boy still rapping
Yea I’m back pulling rabbits out the hat
Like Chris Angel got angels on my back
Soul reaped and raw, they can’t touch me
So deep in awe, they try and budge me
No grief to ya’ll, that’s just ugly
Bitting my shit so much that they pudgy
And I’m buggy eyed at the prize
Got my mind wired no time for demise
Gotta bring you this rock and roll
Like a cold foot fiancé out the door
My heart swole, eyes keen, and thirsts great
Mic grasped, palms sweaty like a first date
Just wait, I’ma move this crowd
Have em all feel me, go and sing it loud, tell em

(Hook) x2

I ride narrow, allude Jack Sparrow
Lyrical arrows, I’m gunning for the pharaoh
Gotta bring hits like lynch, like Merrill
Rocking like errol, roll like barrels
Most said I’d fail before high school
Boast I prevailed and I write too
Toast to my rails, that’s my life dude
Slippery slopes, man I must got ice shoes
And I advise you, a Martian bellows
Stung by the jackets, partial yellow
Marshmallow soft dudes make a harsher fellow
Carmelo’s on my feet, will’s armadillo
Never alrighter’s, I’m pulling all nighter’s
Ima write till my fingers get arthritis
But all I ever wanted was a couple of ears
A couple years down the road, and I’m still standing here saying

(Hook) x2

They gotta feel me,
They say I’m off my rocker, I guess I’m just a rocker

From Jimmy to Jay, and All Along A Watchtower
(Yo, you more than ahead of your time) I got watch power
(More than rock and roll) This is boulders down hills
My word play is ill, I’ma hold it down for real
(yo you chilly wit ya spills) I need sweaters on my letters
Grasped like berets, but I don’t need no berretta
I got cheddar, but forget about the queso
Life by the bottle and I’m bout to get a caseload
And yo case know, that its been a rocky road
But know cocky hoes they be all up on my cock at shows
I’m on the moon, nah shit I’m on venus
The beat’s incredible, prop you a genius

(Hook) x2

If I'm True

Written By: Apollo

If I’m True
Uh, I’m just trying to write this song
Jotting down my thoughts, balling up papers
its so much pressure from the media
telling you you have to be a gangsta to be a rapper
I just wanna be truthful, that’s what I’ma do

This is me, this is right, this is real, this is life
This is me spitting hard, pen and pad and a mic
This is all I ever wanted, got a dream and I’m dreaming
An analytic mind and ya boy stay scheming
Gotta move, move harder than I ever moved
Gotta groove, groove harder than I ever grooved
Cuz a dude gon make it, the world gon hate it
But I still got soul even if they strip me naked
Gotta get my clothes, gotta flow, God I know
That I got your gift, so I gotta blow, gotta go
And hit the track running swift and nimble
I spit so sick man, look at my lymph nodes
The only dude out saying only true info
I’m raising the bar like I aint good at limbo
Oh, I make it sound so simple
But all I gotta do is sit back and watch the pen go
But you know I guess I gotta thank em though
For pioneering for me, man look at the wind blow
Its so breezy, how I do this so easy
And 99% of them haters wouldn’t believe me
If I told what I do, what I did, what I am
All the things I overcame wit my own two hands
And now my own two hands, got the whole world in em
Back spittin again, and the whole world wit him, yo

(Hook) x 4
I wanna write a song but I don’t know what to do
I guess they can’t hate me if I’m true (If I am true)

I was born in D.C right around the time crack rose
Cops being killed everyday in the back roads
I could take that road, rap and get cash flow
But it wouldn’t really be about what I know
I was removed from it all , I cant I lie, I cant choose
The type of the life that I lived, man I gotta be true
I aint no gangsta bending bodies wit a shotty like pilattes
Fact with people like that I never thought really highly
So I highly doubt my clout coming from a bout
But the fact of the matter is its not what I’m about
Im about the music, ima use it to reach heads
But how im gon do it destroying my street cred
Cuz now u gotta be hard just to have a job
Wit a mic in ya hand, heard they likin it man
But they spite it like damn, he aint from the gutta
He aint gon shoot a dude for the stress that he under
He aint gon cap off or blow nobody back off
U see him in the streets aint nobody gonna back off
But back off the norm, retract the crack movement
get back to the facts and back the rap movement
Cuz now I gotta album I never thought the outcome
I just stayed bouting found the youth in the fountatin
and im moving the mountains I stay strong
Stay taggling along to a song when im on
And im on my way up never turning never slowing
Just going like im going all along never knowing
Never knowing, that id see stages in vegas
Outrageous aint it, I feel like I can make it

(Hook) x4


Debut Album - Apollo - I Hope They Know

Occasional streaming or radio airplay, nothing consistent.

Set List

Usually about 30 minute sets, some shorter, some longer.
Song list:
Mushroom Clouds
Out the Box
Andrew to Apollo
Stand Up
In My Zone
Rock and Roll