i'd say its a little combination of the things we listen to....we listened to a lot of senses fail when we recorded so...it has a SF twist...kinda...you can see 4 yourseld on our myspace.com/apollo45734v


well we're all pretty young...14, 15, 16, 16 and 17...but theres no harm in getting a good start...we formed about a year ago...wrote some original songs..and started adding from there...we had our debut show at the New Daisy on beale st....we've played the complex and the skate park also...we're semi-desperate for shows!!


we have a 6-song demo we recorded last summer...it's not top notch quality,but it works for us

Set List

1. you saved me
2. midnight man
3. the agony of eva braun
4. yulia
5. whats broken and whats not
6. we fall
7. never coming back
...we know a shit load of covers...like SF, T.B.S., underoath and so on...