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A product of Wilmington, NC, Apollo (aka Andrew Rooney) is an artist who focuses on bringing the highest level of lyricism possible. Now living in Chapel Hill, NC, Apollo crafts hip hop that marries the moral conscience of underground hip hop with the hooks and commercial appeal of the most successful rappers. In the fall of 2008, Apollo was chosen as an inaugural artist for Vinyl Records, with whom he released The Architect in 2009. The songs on Apollo's first Vinyl Records release cover universal subjects – faith, aspiration, hope, and the power of music.
A true music lover, Apollo's sound culls from his rap heroes, as well as old-school soul, European house music, and top-forty acoustic and pop music, among many other genres. Most importantly though, Apollo's raps feature a compassion that is unparalleled in today's popular music.


The Architect LP
Apollo EP