Apollo F. Olaes IV/ Dana S. Hayden

Apollo F. Olaes IV/ Dana S. Hayden


Dana and Apollo also known as DAPOL are 2 aspiring composers/songwriters who create music through their genuine feelings. Touching peoples lives through our unique music is our main goal.

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Written By: Apollo F. Olaes IV/ Dana S. Hayden

New faces seen,
Acquaintances like matches starts a fire,
Welcoming freaks to a world of masterpiece,
Some people say "It's not O.K.",
"Whatever!" is my answer,
Let things be as they be the natural way,


A bond was built to stand between us,
And get to the bottom of it all,
Risks to take,
The consequences await, ooh


Persona!, the mirror reflects the truth,
Accept me for who I am,
Please forgive my insolence,
Life is so short,
I got to go on,


Do you know who you really are?
Wearing masks to hide those genuine feelings,
To search for truth, there's nothing to lose,
It all was amusing, it all was amusing,
Persona, of me and you...

Repeat Chorus