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"Apollo Gets The Girl - Kitten"

Thanks to the internet, all eras are accessible with the click of a mouse.

It's created a very narrow mindset, one where a tightly defined notion of 'timeless' rules the roost. Some things, though, are still shunned to the sidelines, still relegated to the terminal dustbin known as naff.

An example? Keytars. One part keyboard and one part keyboard, this instrument is so closely attached to the 80s that it might as well organise a Miner's Strike and buy a replica John Barnes top.

Yet Apollo Gets The Girl seem to be fans. The video for new track 'Kitten' features not one but two keytars, duelling it out for keytar supremacy. It's a daring move and one they pull off.

The trio have an air of not taking themselves too seriously, of focussing on 'fun' rather than 'cool' and this helps them craft their own identity. Cinematic synth music for the party age, 'Kitten' is set to be self-released on March 4th.

Check out the video now. - CLASH Magazine


It’s time to stop what you’re doing and give nine (or maybe ninety) minutes of your day away to Starchild and New Dawn, the two tracks from three-piece Apollo Gets The Girl that are fully deserving of your love and admiration.

Comparable to the delectable trio that the Drive soundtrack opens with, New Dawn has a tenebrous yet soothing quality to it, with wispy vocals conjuring up dreams of midnight drives down windy roads with street lamps blurring into continuous streams of light illuminating tree lines… well, at least that’s what I imagine while listening to this.

New Dawn‘s best experienced lying down on your back staring up at the ceiling/stars, Starchild conversely best enjoyed on your feet doing that thing people call ‘dancing’. Or ‘swaying’, that’d work too; Starchild‘s bolder with a greater intensity, brighter yet still a broody track with a notably commanding instrumental arrangement to boot.

Electro-synth at its finest on display in both tracks regardless. - 7 Bit Arcade

"Apollo Gets The Girl"

How exactly does one go about describing Apollo Gets The Girl? The Glaswegian three piece do not lend themselves easily to conventional genre labels, and to be honest trying to pigeon-hole them into a single musical sphere would be doing them a major discredit. Their press release goes with 'cinematic,' and from debut track 'New Dawn' you can certainly imagine their somewhat haunting sound blending in to the background of a late-night drive through a neon city.

That is, until the second half of the track, at which point all sense of subtlety seems to get thrown head first from the top of a tower block, a blast of space-age synths more akin to a sci-fi blockbuster than anything attempting to rip off 'Taxi Driver.' The sound borders on post-rock, but contains none of the limitations often faced by bands who feel obliged to over-experiment with texture and timbre to the detriment of their sound, and yet the vocal line is prominent and ghostly enough to slot into a particular indie niche. Quite frankly, classifying them isn't worth the hassle.

Listening certainly is however, as the chemistry between the three band members is evident from the word go. 'New Dawn' is a track which broods in the background, the shimmering synths more downcast and home alone than lighting up the club, and the combination of half-detached, floating vocals and metronomic drums adds to the sense of vastness which pervades the track.

In short, Apollo Gets The Girl have come up with a sound which takes convention and gives it a swift kick up the backside. 'New Dawn' is a superb debut release, and with their kaleidoscopic influences it is almost impossible to tell which direction they will take next. Whatever the answer, it's sure to be worth listening to. - Shout4Music


If you’re like me then you love the fact that 80's inspired synth music is making a comeback in a massive way and Apollo Gets The Girl is making me all excited. New Dawn is a brilliant cinematic synth powered track with some brilliant vocals that kick in at just the right time. Right at the end it hits you with some exceptional drums straight out of nowhere. - Milkshakes And Moustaches . com

"Video: ‘New Dawn’ from Apollo Gets the Girl"

Back in August here at 1883 we discovered the new band Apollo Gets the Girl, and showcased their elusive symbol and the audio for their track New Dawn here on the blog. AGTG are made up of John, Joe and Jack but are made the more interesting by their reluctance to show themselves, focusing instead on brainwashing with their electric blue triangular logo. Recorded in the lead singer’s bedroom but with a sound that is out of this world, New Dawn is deep electronic synth at its very best. Enthused by both space and classic film soundtracks from the 1980's, AGTG look further than most for inspiration. Now the 3-piece from Glasgow and Wake up advice have released a video for the track. With flashes of urban landscapes, the video fits perfectly with the brooding soft vocals and “lost to the city” lyrics of New Dawn. An 8 minute remix of the track is also available from Touch Bellini and is well worth a listen. - 1883 Magazine

"Introducing: Apollo Gets The Girl"

Naming their primary influences as space and 80s film soundtracks, Glasgow’s Apollo Gets the Girl send spiralling synths careening over celestial skies. Theirs is a sound indebted to early naughties indietronica and mid-eighties synth-pop, with frontman Jack Violet having more than a whiff of Ben Gibbard about him.

Their debut track ‘New Dawn’ – which is up a free download via the band’s Soundcloud – was recorded in Violet’s bedroom and sees the group trade in hushed vocals and majestic, delicate whispers of synth before briefly exploding into a climactic mountain of dirge-like noise. You can check out the video below, which sets ‘New Dawn”s atmospheric peaks and troughs to lonely, urban imagery and the flickering blink of nocturnal city lights. - Planet Notion

"Apollo Gets The Girl New Dawn"

One of the most over looked songs out there right now (at least in our opinion) is Apollo Gets The Girl‘s new single “New Dawn“.

The track has been out for almost a month now, and features an epic journey through an 80s-inspired soundscape, but for some reason isn’t getting the coverage we think it deserves.

Today we’re happy to announce that AGTG just released the official music video to go a long with the already stellar track, and its about what we’d expected: simple in concept but relatively deep in the thought – provocation department, cutting together shots of urban landscapes, empty highway tunnels and capitalizing on vibes of hopeful despair.

How’s that for a contradiction? Check out the video and see what we mean! This is really good stuff! - The Get Downnn

"Apollo Gets The Girl – “Kitten” (NBHAP song premiere)"

Scottish indie act APOLLO GETS THE GIRL will release their debut single, Kitten, on March 4th. The cinematic synth band from Glasgow is heavily cinema, videogame and space influenced and grew out of a solo bedroom project of Jack Violet. His voice by the way reminds a bit of BEN GIBBARD, in a positive way. Art-house sci fi indie rock. And quite like New Dawn, the new single, Kitten is an electronic track with progressive elements building towards an exciting climax. - Nothing But Hope And Passion


Still working on that hot first release.



‘’Deep electronic synth at its best’’ 1883

‘’Dreamy pop boosted by the grandest of finales.’’ The 405

‘’Apollo Gets The Girl send spiraling synths careening over celestial skies.’’ Notion

Apolllo Gets The Girl are a three piece cinematic synth band from Glasgow. The cinema, videogame and space influenced band started out as the solo bedroom project of Jack Violet, whose vocal has so far been likened to that of Ben Gibbard. After recruiting his brother and best friend Apollo Gets The Girl became a tight nit three piece dominated by bass synths.
The AGTG sound is heavily influenced by both space and 80’s film soundtracks. Its safe to say they wouldn’t be out of place sound tracking spacey, art-house sci fi.