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Apollo's Arrows

Exmouth, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Exmouth, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"Band of the Day: Apollo’s Arrows"

Today’s BOTD comes from Southampton Apollo’s Arrows are a three-piece, consisting of Ed Bidgood, Matt Freer and Alex Binks, and peddle a wonderfully melodic brand of post-hardcore, though their math-rock tendencies should immediately flag them as up the alley of any Biffy Clyro or Tubelord fan. They are certainly fond of keeping things interesting (there are lots of changing time-signatures and dynamic shifts going on), but underneath their intelligent approach to music-making lies a undeniable pop sensibility, one that is particularly apparent on their latest EP, Glass Vessels, which is available to stream below. Keep an eye on this lot: they’ve supported The Munroe Effect and Shapes lately and could soon be blazing a trail for themselves.

Words and Thoughts of Gareth O’Malley - The Whiteboard Project

"Track Of The Day: Apollo's Arrows"

Wikipedia, that source of in-depth and seemingly-endless amounts of knowledge (highly censored and/or regulated by the individuals or organisations that the information itself relates to, of course), defines “math rock” as the following; “…rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock that emerged in the 1980s and that was very influenced by Progressive Rock like King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow. It is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), angular melodies, and dissonant chords“. Well, despite getting spelling and grammar a tad wrong in the very first instance (in the Queen’s English, it is “maths” or “mathematics”, but never “math”. Because, like, there’s always more than one math. In maths. Right?), those waa-Wiki-waa’s are pretty much correct in this context that our new Track Of The Day’ers Apollo’s Arrows find themselves in. Shooting straight out of Southampton from the barrell of one of our very favourite and truly independent labels Flatpack with new EP by the name of Glass Vessels on 26th September, these chaps from the dirty south take the best of their chosen genre – think Fall Of Troy, 65 Days Of Static, At The Drive In, and soon-to-be-superstars Arcane Roots – give it the ol’ heave-ho, stick it up the wrong’un and make it their very own. Their vibe has not gone unnoticed either, least of all by yours truly: Clash Magazine plucked them like a rose from the grave to play the big-ass Bestival 2011 happening this very weekend. We’ll happily tell you how these boys get on at said event, if, that is, we actually survive their monster live show.
- Killing Moon

"Apollo's Arrows roadtrip to bestival"

Apollo’s Arrows are a surf rock band hailing from sunny Exmouth. This trio of pals are also one of the lucky winners from Replay’s Roadtrip to Bestival competition, meaning that it won’t be long until they hit the stage at 2011’s Bestival.

Ed Bidgood from Apollo’s Arrows told us how they can’t wait to get going: “We’ve played a couple of smaller festivals but Bestival’s a big step up so we’ve got to step up too. We’ve been practicing loads getting our set together.

“As a band, it’s a festival we’d all go to – lots of our favourite bands are playing. I personally can’t wait to see The Cure, that’ll be awesome, and Bjork. Loads of smaller bands which we’re all into are playing too, like Tall Ships.”

Apollo’s Arrows’ debut album ‘Young, Romantic Mannequins’ was released earlier this year to a good reception. They’re following this up with an EP this Autumn which features they’re latest single ‘Houdini’. - Clash Magazine

"Apollo's Arrows - Glass Vessels"

In musical terms, APOLLO'S ARROWS' 'Glass Vessels' is actually very good. The only problem with it is that it's just not that memorable. The Southampton three-piece seem to be hovering in the no man's land between rock and indie, and sitting on the fence almost always means never being truly outstanding.

Opener 'Passenger Announcement' is quirky and carries some excellent riffs, and second track 'Houdini' carries on in much the same fashion - but, while pleasant on the ear, lack a little variety together.

Third track 'Glass Vessels' provides a mellow interval and an injection of variety, but on fourth track 'End At The Start' the EP returns back to a similar pattern.

That said, it's not to say that Apollo's Arrows haven't done well with 'Glass Vessels'; it's just that they haven't managed to create songs that will stick in your head all day long.
- Punktastic

"Review; Apollo's Arrows"

Apollo’s Arrows consists of Ed Bidgood, Matt Freer and Alex Binks, who formed the band when they were 16. Since their formation they have built up a following thanks to their extensive live shows, and have recently performed at Bestival and featured on BBC introducing.

Their latest EP “Glass Vessels” bursts to life with opening track “Passenger Announcement”, as intricate guitar melodies entwine against a background of frenetic percussion and bass. Vocal melodies flow effortlessly throughout the ever changing soundscape, that cascades from a vigorous, energetic feel to an atmospheric breakdown, only to ascend once more in a frenzy of guitar riffs and propelled drumbeats. “Houdini” also possesses a great sense of energy, powerful kick drum and cymbal beats open the track; the rolling percussion providing the backdrop for forceful guitar riffs to propel the track forward, which contrast against tight vocal harmonies. Title track “Glass Vessels” slows the pace down, shimmering with beautiful guitar melodies and hazy vocals, possessing an ethereal feel. The speed is invigorated once more with final track “End At The Start”, featuring solemn vocals that build up to a whirlwind of pitchy screams and snare drum crescendos.

“Glass Vessels” is an EP that showcases Apollo's Arrows experiemental nature and is sure to appeal to fans of math rock/post-rock artists such as Brontide, Tubelord, Shapes, and Thursday.

The EP is currently available to buy from itunes, with a physical CD due to be released in late October, available to buy from Flat Pack Records and Tangled Talk. The band are due to tour with Rosa Valle and Polio in November.
- Risk And Concequence


Young Romantic Mannequins - Jan 11 - Sold Out
Glass Vessels - November 14 - Sold out



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