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The best kept secret in music


"Comming Soon!!"

Press Reviews will arrive shortly upon the release of our full-lenght debut, "The Audio Sketchbook". - Apologia


The Audio Sketchbook 2006

1. Scarecrow
2. Break the Line
3. Tokyo Panic
4. False Awakenings
5. Walker
6. Abduction
7. Victorious
8. Heads or Tails
9. The Music vs. Goliath
10. Guilt Trip
11. Hydroplane
12. Soul Child
13. The Fall of the Anti-Hero
14. Victorious (acoustic)
15. Flawless Fist Stylez


Feeling a bit camera shy


Apologia. The name by itself sums up the means to this band's entire existence, defending their music. Apologia, the Greek word, means to defend what you believe in and take a strong stance behind it. Apologia the band is made up six individuals who take that word into deep consideration and honor it's value by trying their hardest to create a sound that cannot be copied in style, attitude, or most importantly, originality.
Since Apologia was brought together, each member has put in more effort than ever before to ensure that their music is heard far and wide, with such an original take on music in certain aspects, they have reached their fans and have gained not only respect, but approval and motivation to continue. But what makes Apologia so different from every other band who describes themselves as different? Well, with influences ranging from 311 and Incubus to Jamiroquai and other jazz/hip hop oriented acts, a style is put together that cannot even be compared to any of these influences afterwards. Also, Apologia has a turntablist that adds in something that no one can even put their finger on because of the new sound it blends in with. All in all, the phrase, "gotta hear it to believe it" comes into it's truest form among this band.
Since Apologia's first studio recordings were done, small rumors about this band were being started. But now, Apologia has a 15 track album that turns those rumors into something true and unbelievable. With jazz-inspired songs like "Soul Child", the album has a completely unique sound, especially after listening to every track through.
The name of this album is "The Audio Sketchbook". The name comes from the band's inspiration for songs through writing lyrics in sketchbooks to drawing out ideas for songs in it. So much time and effort was put into this album that even before release, fans were pre-ordering it and asking to just hear one song. But unfortunately for them, just one song doesn't do it, you need to hear all 15 to really believe.
With a future ahead of them so bright, Apologia is blinding those in front of them with a presence that must be seen. The stage presentation brings a crowd not only off their feet but in the air. Apologia is firm believer is making sure they are having more fun than the audience so that all those listening and watching can see how much energy six band-mates can create with each other. But even after knowing all this, one thing is for certain: Apologia will almost strive to make more and expand minds everywhere.