Kim Armstrong   -  "A  Popular Dance"
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Kim Armstrong - "A Popular Dance"

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States | SELF

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States | SELF
Solo EDM R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"... A Free, Full-Color, Performance DVD Video is Available with Free Postage Mailed Quickly to Your Location ...."

Hello -
Thank you for your interest. It is my pleasure to instantly mail you an "A Popular Dance" Performance DVD Video. Everyone will has a very good time. - Kim Armstrong, Popular Dance Entertainer


The Electric Slide
The Cha-Cha Slide
The Chicken Dance
The Mississippi Slide
The Cupid Shuffle
The Monorail
The Wobble
The Rubberband
The Cleveland Shuffle
The Booty Call
The Down South Shuffle
The Zydeco Bounce
The Bump
The Hustle
The Pee-Wee Herman



Hello, Event Entertainment Committee -

I am Kim Armstrong. I tour throughout the country as THE "Popular Dance" Entertainer who always draws good crowds. I will be of great service in your entertainment line-up. Performing my new audience-interactive exhibitional showcase act, "Kim Armstrong's-A Popular Dance". All the event attendees will have an out-of-sight swell time.
I'm STILL honored, after 722 shows, to have the Best audience-interactive popular disco-dancing entertainment activity showcase in the World. My show reinforce and strengthen the attendees fun during your wonderful event. Everybody will enjoy the American dance music and the current lively popular American group line dancing.
My equipment setup is very simple. I plug my portable professional CD player and portable professional wireless headset as a combo unit into any open XLR input port of the existing PA system. My shows generate a super-duper, non-stop, dance groove for little folks, middle folks, grown folks, teenage folks, and everyday folks reliving them of the boredom of sitdown-and-watch going-ons.
The best way to describe "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance"? It is easy clean-cut public American mass dancing fun at its absolute best. A crowd-pleasing, finger-popping, hand-clapping, toe-tapping, hip-shaking, head-bobbing, smile-producing, rip-roaring, breath-taking, groovy-time. That automatically makes dancing a super-duper time for everybody. Plus, it builds a whole lot of good fellowship and good civic fun.
The key is my universal inclusive approach. This magnetic blend produce an inclusive feeling among all the attendees. Popular demand of specific American mass dances are always included. For example, the electric slide, the cupid shuffle, the wobble, and the cha-cha slide are always in my sets. My progressive musical selections on CD music discs are positively uplifting. Keeping everybody, even onlookers, happily jamming and entertained during your event.
In addition, I happen to hold an Honorable Distinction as a State of Georgia Goodwill Ambassador. Yes, I am very proud to be designated as an Outstanding Citzen of the State of Georgia. Anyway, "Kim Armstrong's-A Popular Dance" is a hip, fresh, new, Aerobically Delicious, entertainment showcase act that providing great dance fun for everybody.
So much fun even the staffers have a good time. Mainly because people are getting tired of "sit-down entertainment". My "fun physical show" keeps their endorphins steady and everybody in a festive mood. The equation is simple: Current Dances + R&B; Music+ Pop Music+ Soul Music = A Groovy Non-Threatening Contemporary Music Dance Party.
All the attendees will have an absolute ball. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'm curious, how is YOUR electric slide, wobble, and cha-cha slide? Email me soon at Smooches. = KA

...You'd like a little more information about
"Kim Armstrong's-A Popular Dance"....?

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"A Popular Dance" is an United States of America party-dancing showcase exhibition. Kim Armstrong is an alumnus of the prestigious Karamu Academy in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. Kim, as a College Dance Instructor, developed a popular party-dancing course throughout the YWCA and YMCA facilities. A demand for his "A Popular Dance" spurred public appearances outside of academica. This stirred the idea of presenting his popular dance format as an audience-participation showcase event, instead of just as a course. A notion that satisfied many requests that worked out well. Prompting him to leave academia to showcase "A Popular Dance" as a special event mass/group presentation for festivals and civic organizaions. It works like a charm among public spectacles. As his popularity grew, civic duty became another one of his show's focal points. Producing community enthusiasm among the audience. Encouraging plenty of good vibes. Creating a fellowship between all the audience participants. This jubilance caused the attendees to be rhythmically in-sync, contagiously positive, and very friendly to each other. The various popular dances utilized are sturdy and easy-to-follow. Yet aided by the accompaning CD music. The tunes are in many different American varieties. They include: the funky stuff, rhythm & blues, some rock, of course soul music, and a couple novelty tunes. The euphoric benevolent vibes associated with the "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" showcase is joy, freedom, hope, and friendship.

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