Put Sarah McLachlan in Thunderdome with Jeff Buckley, have Tool referee, let Dead Can Dance be the spiritual supervisors, offer Ani DiFranco and Brandi Carlisle as weapons, and then give PJ Harvey making out with The Decemberists as the grand prize--then maybe we're close to describing our sound.


Imagine being able to book a night of music that defied the limits of genre—a night of tight, danceable indie rock, punk, swing, reggae, jazz and various other styles. Now imagine getting all of that in one band.

Aporia is that group. An eclectic band of music makers from Madison, WI, their melodies draw influences from various stripes of the musical spectrum. Their song styles have been described as everything from “acid folk jazz� to “indie country punk.� You’ll find the truth somewhere in between, but this is certain: there’s no one else like them.

The band formed when guitarist Justin Woodward and drummer/vocalist Emily Mills met and began playing small gigs around Madison. They expanded both their line-up and their sound with the addition of bassist/vocalist Morey Burnard and have since recorded their first, full-length studio album, “Bare Bones,� and have moved on to playing larger club venues in and around the city.

Working hard to develop their sound and their stage presence, they rounded out the line-up when violinist Kristin Jacobson joined the group in 2006. They then disappeared from the club circuit, retreating into their studio to rehearse and evolve.

Now re-emerged and ready to rock, Aporia is lining up shows all throughout the Madison area to showcase their unique brand of music—let’s call it Indie-Punk-Country-Jazz-Rock, just for the sake of silliness. Ultimately, the best way to make a decision about who Aporia is would be to go out and see them live. Incorporating a handful of creatively interpreted cover songs and a slew of originals, Aporia has become known for entertaining stage shows (most members have theatre backgrounds), costumes, friendly crowd interaction and high-energy tunes that incorporate multiple styles and influences.

You’ll want to hear this.


"Up Here" (2003), full-length demo
"100 What Ifs" (2004), full-length album
"Bare Bones" (2005), full-length studio album

Set List

We play sets that vary in length from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours and include 80% original material, 20% creatively interpreted cover songs by everyone from Liz Phair to Irish drinking songs to Rage Against the Machine to Sarah Mclachlan.