A Postcard Hello

A Postcard Hello


I'm your standard hopeless romantic acoustic singer / songwriter -- I wear my heart desperately on my sleeve and have a never-ending collection of songs bleeding from that heart... all playing in stereo.


Just close your eyes. Envision a world where nothing seems right, yet everything feels like one day it could reach Utopia. Picture the people you love and even complete strangers, and in looking at them see the aura of possibility. The possibility to be anything at all, good or bad, wherever your heart may truly carry you. That is what its is all about. A youthful idealism that has carried through 24 years of physical experience and a thousand lifetimes of wisdom.

Now look into the eyes of the lover you have never told you love, and as your soul screams to say it, hold back forever.


A Postcard Hello is an acoustic singer/songwriter hailing originally from a small town in Southern Illinois. The Home of Superman -- Metropolis in the flesh; bore and bred this child with bright eyes, captivated by the stars; whose heart dances only in the brightest, most brilliant of moon lights.

Armed with metaphors and an empathetic soul, his lyrics are most always witty and inspirational and are overlain simple yet powerful guitar licks with no real style as his template; intertwined with vocals ranging from 'Johnny Cash' lows to 'Justin Timberlake' highs. Each song written is another gathered puzzle piece... yet each collective, album-promising group only patterns a small segment of the painting of his life.

His only fear is that he will not live up to his own standards. The impossible high... he'll settle for no less


Dashboard Confessional
Chris Carrabba
John Mayer
James Blunt
Alanis Morisette
The Early November
I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business
Ace Enders and a Million Different People
Bright Eyes
Conor Oberst
Plain White T's
From First to Last
Screeching Weasel
Tim McGraw
Garth Brooks
Boys Like Girls
The Spill Canvas
The Honorary Title
Alkaline Trio
Boyz II Men


Teach Me (to Love You)

Written By: Davo!!!

I never know what to say
A thousand poetic words
And nothing comes out right

For you there are not enough
Words for me to say
No metaphor can understand my heart

Whatever it is I say
Short, simple love
Whatever it is I say
It never is quite right

An aukward silence
Staring deep into your eyes
An aukward silence
I'm on fire, burning in my love

I cannot explain, exclaim, nor gesture
In any term nor way
The things I say are never understood

I love you, I miss you
I cannot breathe without you
I need you, I want you
I cannot be without you

Teach me how to let you know
What it is I need you to know
Teach me how to be right
(Teach me how to love you)



Written By: Davo!!!

Desperate for a passion to smile back at me
I'm sending smoke signals on a cloudy day
And I'm screaming in a vacuum
Trapped without the oxygen to fill my lungs
But I can breath, fed from an iron lung
The hand the feeds me life I cannot see
I am filled to the brim, about to burst
I cannot vomit up the ideas that haunt me
A worm hole denies me all that I need
It leaves me with the one thing I cannot misplace
A million thoughts on a million different things
A constant bombardment, am I the creator?
Of course not, but Shiva seems to have a keen eye
Set on me, destroyed from the inside out
The astral plane has barred my coming
And the darkness is revolving, I am dizzy
I am alone, I am free to move about
Yet I am crowded in a place no one knows
It doesn't even exist, am I the only man alive?
So many hours in a day, yet no one has time
It is all I have, and I never feel accomplished
What more can I do to relieve this crushing weight?
Can someone lend a hand?
A stranger from a strange place, somewhere I cannot go
Someone with open eyes, and an honest smile
I cannot take another fallacious friend
Not a friend, but a foe
My enemies are too close and there is not an ally in sight
I need someone to lay with me
And lend me their open ears all night
Until I fall asleep
Let me wake up in the morning with a smile
Never let me wake up again
I'll take anything, bad or good
These scales of balance won't tip
So I am forever frozen in limbo
No where to go, no way to get there
I am a friend in need
I need a friend, indeed
I cannot breathe
I cannot breathe
I will not breathe
I suck in for air and taste a cloud of smoke
Always grasping hands, fighting for my strong arm
But it is a dying strength, I'm on limited supply
The passion that has driven me this far
It made a left turn a few roads back, we're separated
Fill the void and turn the car around
But I'm on foot with my thumb in the air
A hitchhiker on a barren road
Gravel in my shoes, nothing short of discomfort
It is common ground to fight uncommon bright lights
Yet somehow no one can see me
I am kicking for the surface in a pool 3 inches deep
I must look like a toddler kicking for a mother's love
Perhaps that is so, but the addiction took her long ago
The wounds I cannot heal, so I try to heal your wounds
Everyone has my salve to tide you over
The balm my father never showed me how to make
Their bond something I could never see
But their spiteful words for one another felled every tree
The rainforest's pouring rains symbolic of true love
And all I can see is desolation for miles all around
So I plant this seed and sew it into tear stained desert lands
And as I am overwhelmed with every thought for everyone
Perhaps this seed will take a chance
And grow into a sapling, and one day into a tree
Take root and blossom, the fruits of my labor
Cast shade over me
And I will save a spot in the lush, soft grass
Fill it with overflowing ideas
And my runaway passions will be answered
The goat will come and eat everything in site
Then with a full belly and a smile
She will share this shade with me
She will share this shade with me


The Dreams I Don't Remember

Written By: David R. Waddell

I fell through the fire and into the ice
And on through surrounding, bright white lights
A shadow fell upon me and I could only see in red
The caress of the mother I never really knew
And I closed my eyes, I finally knew love

But when I rolled over I awoke from sleep
My sheets were bunched as I tossed and turned
Wrapped within a blanket in a cold, cold room
A tear-stained pillow, covered in blood beneath
And I closed my eyes, I'll never know love

Its 2... no 3... now 4 AM, I don't sleep anymore
In constant war with dreams forgotten
I cannot remember what's on the inside; its red
Jaded, I'm green with envy of everyone I see
And I close my eyes, I'll never know love


It Was You

Written By: David R. Waddell

Last night I dreamed a dreamed
I dreamed a dream so beautiful that words cannot explain
It was a lonely day and I was walking aimlessly on as I always do
When I managed to glance, my heart stopped in my throat
It was you who I saw
It was you who brought sunshine back into my life

As you always did, you glowed with a wry, vibrant smile
Your chocolate eyes melted away as they looked deep into mine
You reached out to me and I wrapped you in my arms
'Hello,' I said 'and how have you been?'
It was you who I saw
It was you who brought a reunion of hearts back into my life

I held you close, it was if we never parted ways
The days long passed were whisked away with one touch of parted lips
All the problems that we had never happened to us on that day
It was the love that we knew, all along
It was you who I saw
It was you whose love saved my undying soul

It was you who I saw
It was you who brought sunshine to my overcast day
It was you who brought a reunion of hearts back into my life
It was you whose love saved my undying soul,
It was you whose beauty my words can't explain
It was you who I saw

I dreamed a dream that has tortured me endlessly
It was you who I saw


A Walk Alone in the Dark

Written By: David R. Waddell

My hand held poised, awaiting your intertwining grasp
The light blinks out
I turn but my smile never comes
All I see is my loneliness hidden in the dark, without you...

I've cried for you alone
My soul died for you alone
Too many months to years
were spent with you to sit here in my room without you...

Now I wander every night alone
to walk you home
The stars glitter as frozen tears
as the moon weeps for my walk alone in the dark
On your road, without you...

And all I have left is this walk alone in the dark, without you
Forever alone



One self-recorded / self-released (limited edition) EP; 'Playing to a Crowd of One'. Its 50 copy release sold out in a show, and has had a few 'burned for special occassion' copies passed out to friends and fans that have been with me since the beginning.

Set List

I Could Spend Forever Searching Out the Right Words For You
I'll Keep Warm With Thoughts of You
My Greatest Performance (Just For You)
Nothing's Right Without You
A Fairytale Love
A Glass Half Empty
Nothing Compares
The Dreams I Don't Remember
Teach Me (to Love You)
It Was You
A Walk Alone in the Dark
Jade Rose
A Thousand Miles Not Long Enough

Remember to Breathe (Cover)
Good Riddance (Cover)
Freebird (Cover)
Vindicated (Cover)
Ever So Sweet (Cover)
Hand Down (Cover)

Various Untitled, Impromptu songs (This is typically a crowd favorite, as I will turn any idea, word, or silly notion into a 3-6 minute song with ballad screams and note holds)

A typical set for me is 30-60 minutes, consisting of two Dashboard Confessional covers, or a DC and The Early November cover, always opening with 'I Could Spend Forever...' and ending with 'Jasmine', the latter being my most popular song. However, I have played a 2 hour set without covers, and can cover upwards o