Apostrophe S'

Apostrophe S'

 Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA

"Mix a post-punk approach with a new wave melodic sound and just a touch of psychedelia creating a mix that sounds a bit like alot of bands and exactly like no one." - Wildy's World Review
" a mixture of Electronica + Americana = Spacerock! " - Mike Mckenna PAmusicscene.com


The Apostrophe S' takes influence from a variety of genres. The bandmembers are fond of such bands as: Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, The Cars, Weezer, Petty, Muse & more. Our most important influence however, remains the entity and unique sound created called The Apostrophe S'.

Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley veterans the band has been together for 6 years and still going strong. Through the years we've become a dependable draw for club owners building a large and loyal fanbase.

- Commercial Radio - WZZO 95.1 Allentown - Kandy Kane
- Invited to Participate ECI battle of the bands, Crocodile rock.
- Played w/ comedian Jim Norton 2008 NYE at Crocodile Rock
- LVMA "Best Original Song" Award, 2010 - Kandy Kane
- 2011 Released first EP "No animals in the Zoo"
- College Radio regular rotation at 3 local colleges/universities


Cold and Alone

Written By: William Kleinberg

It was not her who left you in the cold you thought to long about the things you should have already known and it do no good to take you to your home

Ill drop you off at the corner of cold and alone

The mid-watch gave me dreams like I have never known I slept away my time with little fear of doing wrong my dreams now are bland, there almost like a cardboard poem

I write to pass the time on the corner of cold and alone

You move around the sun but your a planet no more they said your just to small you could have stayed if you had grown its just a name, wont change who you are when you go home ill take a ride with you as you orbit the corner of cold and alone

And every word of every song it was for you and everything I have done and everything I have attempted to do

you were my love, girl you were my home Ill wait for you on the the corner of cold and alone

Im everything i have done im everything i have attempted to do......repeat and fade


Written By: Kleinberg

one two three everynight its you and me,
since I saw you in the ocean i was sailing through,
underneath me is miles of the salty sea
I got to smile cause I know you got your hooks in me

did you notice Im rocky rolling
did you know that i am everything you hoped that i would be
did you notice my hands are shaking
did you know im only waiting for the brownies that your baking

Starlight what are you doing tonight?

We all know that the earth is just a ticking time bomb
when it goes it goes and we will all be gone
and we all know that the stars will out last us in the sky
so look up tonight and let the moon in your eye
let the moon in your eye

starlight what are you doing tonight?

Kandy Kane

Written By: Kleinberg & The Apostrophe S'

The day fades to the night
and the night it fades to the back of my mind
The left fades to the right, and what was left we had to buy and I
I know you see you see me
I wonder if your walking are you walkin to me
I know you see you see me
I wonder if your talking are you talking to me
I heard you've been around
and I heard you lost your thorny crown
and I I know I saw you hit the ground
and I dedicate, I dedicate this to you.

You cannot speak your peace unless you call yourself a Doctor.
You cannot state your case unless you call yourself a lawyer.
Still it's hard she said when you cut hard left
So hard that your angle was imaginary.

And the blood red stains on your white dress, they match, they match the Kandy Kane your wearing.

(you've been a thought stuck in my mind, in the back of my mind)

And it's hard she said when you cut hard left, so hard that your angle was imaginary
and the blood red stains your white dress they match, they match the Kandy your wearing.