Apostrophe has been likened to a road-trip for the soul. Hard-driving, angst-ridden, but always thought-provoking in their unflinching honesty, Apostrophe uses dramatic arrangements and image-layered lyrics to challenge their listeners to look at themselves and the world they live in.


This Vancouver based alternative-rock band is comprised of singer/guitarist Jon Scott (formerly DDT), rhythm guitarist Brendan Ellis, bassist Terry Baerg and drummer Sean Mawhinney (Quincy Gold).

Mawhinney and Scott formed as a songwriting team in the spring of 2001 and with the momentum from a quickly growing catalog of material began recording in fall of 2005. Ellis came on board in the spring of 2005 and Baerg followed shortly thereafter thus brining to completion this rock centric quartet.

Apostrophe are in the final stages of completion for their debut release, "Easy". This 5 song EP is due out in May of 2007.

Set List

The Bomb 3:15
Easy 4:05
Sides 4:35
Always There 5:32
Weeds in September 3:00
Another Love 4:15
Open Window 3:48
Fog 3:15
Nine and Seven 4:07
Open Road 3:45
Riverbank 4:15