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Apostropheus is an MC's MC, a rapper's rapper, a poet and a painter. He is an artist that hip hop fans have been waiting for. He is full of energy, with more flow styles than you can count, and is sure to bring excitement weather he is on or off the stage.


Apostropheus is an MC from Pgh residing in Seattle. He has an infectious way with his vocabulary that has only grown stronger on his latest album Cloud Shapes. His lyrics are always a little bit abstract, complimenting his very natural flowing style that can switch up at the drop of a hat making each track very unique with a different sound. Apostropheus is back with passion and it shows through this 16 track album that remains strong from start to finish while taking you on a ride with an MC that insn't afraid to express, test waters, speak his mind, or tell a story. If you want more, fret not, for Apostropheus seems to be writing and recording new songs almost all the time. He will be releasing his third solo album and a colaborative effort in 2009.


Apostropheus Haywire Lp released 2007
Apostropheus Cloud Shapes LP released 2008
Apostropheus Summer Slutcakes EP released 2008
Apostropheus Variable Time Speed to be released 2009
Last Dance of the Android (colaborative work with Apostropheus and Tendo) to be released 2009

Set List

I typically do about an hour set, and tend to keep the songs I pick to perform on the high energy/ upbeat side to get the crowd into the show and feed off them and visa versa. The next gig I'm doing I will be performing the following songs
1. His Name
2. Up Quarks
3. Back to the Sea
4. Story Time
5. Prob
6. Escalate
7. Story Time
8. Rapid Pulse
9. Unity
10. Old Latrobe
11. Tired
12. As We Go