Apothecary is a still blended four piece jazz ensemble. Classjazzical, drawing influence from Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk & Celtic Music. Folding Violin, Fretless Bass and Chapman Stick® into Piano, Keyboards and Drums, salting with personality, yields a confectious brew of melodious conversation.


a·poth·e·car·y (noun) (archaic)
A pharmacist or pharmacy.
Ours is the story of elemental fusion within a musical medium over time. We came together many years ago bearing our influences; Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Cream, Vivaldi and discovered an environment that has nurtured us and allowed our music to evolve as season passes season. Today, like yesterday, the music is our prescription for good health, an optimistic disposition and the belief in a better world tomorrow.



Set List

A typical set features Original Music, light conversation, maybe a joke or two, possibly a Jazz Standard (All Blues), brief yet poignant opportunities for improvisation, no twenty-minute guitar solos, no stage diving and maybe Gary will do a magic trick.