Apple Barner

Apple Barner


Apple Barner is an original band that is emerging out of the wilderness of southwest Oregon. Throw hillbilly, american rock, and blues together and the result is what their fans lovingly call cow tipping funk. Apple Barner does not want to rule the world. They just want to be fed dinner.


Don't let the fancy name fool you. Apple Barner is not some classy, high-falutin', chamber music ensemble. Apple Barner is in fact, a rough-around-the-edges (and in the middle) rural rock band that plays a style of music inspired by new cutting-edge themes like love, betrayal, loneliness, and growing up in an extremely rainy place.

No one sings about the rain like Apple Barner.

For years, Apple Barner was a loose (informal not promiscuous) group of musicians from Curry County, Oregon. Members drifted in, out, and sometimes back again. Local shows were played, songs were written, and barbecues were crashed. Back in 2002, they even released a full-length album titled "Cheap Guitars and Pink Lemonade". This album went gold in Curry County (235 copies sold and still counting occasionally).

Over a few hectic summers, which included parties, benefit shows, breweries, weddings, and county fairs, it was decided by the band, their fans, and local authorities that it was time for Apple Barner to spread their wing (if they had two wings they'd be a lot better) and see the world beyond the Siskiyou Mountains.

Don't miss the Apple Barner train. Instead, let it run you over. Choo choo!!


Cheap Guitars and Pink Lemonade (2002) LP
Seeds (2000) EP

Set List

We can play for as long as three hours- two sets of 10 songs with a 15-20 minute break.

List of Songs:

Best of Plans, Side of the Road, Come Back, The Struggle, She Says, Hard Promises, The Mountain, Redemption, No Angel, Put Out the Candle, On the Wall, Just Lonely, Wake Me Up, Ten Cars, Someday, Train to the West, Long Way, No One to Ride, Low Tide, Dark Cookies

**Or whatever we are in the mood for**

We can also do shorter acoustic sets of about one hour. This would include one or two guitars, vocals, and maybe percussion and bass.