Music in technicolor and cinemascope. A rich palette of sounds provided by a rock band, a string quartet and electronic sounds. An orchestra conducted by the inner kid we all have. Pop melodies pushed at the boundaries of experimentation without losing the hooks.


Appledog is a band from Barcelona (Spain) that was formed in late 2005 as the studio project of Xavier Bonfill. The initial idea was to write music for a modern ensemble consisting of: vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, string quartet and electronics, borrowing ideas from both pop music, electronica and classical contemporary music.

After recording their first LP, the edgy half instrumental /half vocal "appledog" in 2006, the band started to play live sets, respecting the original arrangements thanks to their 8 piece line-up. Since then they have been playing live all around the Barcelona area, as well as doing a minitour in Iceland in early 2008.

Over one hour of new material has been written since that first album, and all of it is currently being recorded into a new LP and a new EP wich are due to release in early 2009. In 2007, though, they recorded a couple of these new songs as a small teaser of the new stuff. This CD-single ("greenhouse / hide&seek") is their current promo card. A video from greenhouse was also shot, recieving warm reviews from the critics.

All these new material, wich is the main source of their current setlists, is more pop-oriented, uplifting and joyful, without surrendering their will of pushing the boundaries of experimentation.

It's always hard to describe and to compare one-self. even though, the band quotes as influences artists such as: the Beatles, Jeff Buckley, David Bowie, Radiohead, Björk, Carles Santos, Cocorosie, Kraftwerk, Philip Glass, Erik Satie, Matthew Herbert, Sigur Rós, Portishead, Antony and the Johnsons...

- 2007: "Rock a l'Ascensió" contest, Granollers (Barcelona). 2nd prize
- 2007: "Zona zero" musical contest, Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona). 2nd prize.
- 2007: "Zona zero" video contest, Vilassar de Mar. 2nd prize (for the "greenhouse" videoclip)
- 2008: "Northern Wave Film Festival", Grundarfjödur, Iceland. Nominated (for the "greenhouse" videoclip).


- 2006-12-01: Jazz cava, Vic, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2006-12-06: Sincronia Festival, Barcelona (Spain) (with videoart screenings)
- 2007-02-14: Teatre Auditori, Granollers, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2007-03-03: Sala Castelló, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2007-05-19: "Rock a l'Ascensió" contest, semifinals. Granollers, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2007-07-06: Jazz Cava, Vic, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2007-07-14: "Rock a l'Ascensió" contest, finals. As part of the "Musik'n'viu" festival. Granollers, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2007-11-10: "Zona Zero" contest. Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2008-02-14: Dubliners, Hospitalet, Barcelona (Spain)
- 2008-02-21: Organ, Reykjavík, Iceland.
- 2008-02-22: Northern Wave Film Festival, Grundarfjödur, Iceland.
- 2008-03-16: Sala Clap, Mataró, Barcelona (Spain)


"Appledog", LP, 2006. (not avaliable at the moment)
"Greenhouse / Hide & Seek", CD-single, 2007 (available on CD and on streaming)

Appledog are currently working on both a LP and EP wich will be released in early 2009.

Set List

These are the songs included in our current setlists. The order changes in every gig, and not all the songs are always played. We can play up to 90 minutes, but our gigs are mostly 60-70 minutes long.

from the "Appledog" LP, 2006:
- sobreexposició
- (...)
- omega 3
- 17.23

from the forthcoming LP (all the titles are working titles):
- technicolor
- cine-exin (formely known as hide&seek, included in the 2007 single).
- greenhouse (included in the 2007 single)
- el tren
- under construction
- 1
- the bee in your office
- fisher price
- ignite
- neon lights

from the forthcoming EP (all titles are working titles):
- os
- 14/11/2002 (¿y si me acerco más?)
- 24/08/2007 (gran via / passeig de gràcia)
- 18/09/2007 (lovers in an exhibition)
- 24/06/2007 (el Sol dins el primer tren)

We sometimes play also a cover or two, but we like to surprise the audience a little so we're not spoiling any names here ;-) Also, these covers change from gig to gig.