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"Databass Mixtape"

The Good: Well themed mixtape, Perfectly packaged and produced, Plenty of featured artists, Almost too good to be considered a mixtape

The Bad: Some of Jaxx’s lyrics may be hard to comprehend at first…

Lyrics/Message: After a few listens to the Databass Mixtape, it is immediately evident that Applejaxx is an educated, technologically sound, socially concious, bible reading lyricist. This man can really rock a mic, painting mental masterpieces with his words. In fact, I see Applejaxx becoming a pioneer of a new style of Christian MC. Many people believe that “if you’ve heard one Christian rapper, you’ve heard them all” - this is definitely not the case with Applejaxx (or most Christian rappers today). Jaxx’s flows are interesting, relevant, and deep - almost too deep (I’m positive that many of Applejaxx’s similies and metaphors will be too much for most to grasp). Every featured artist brought their A-game on this album. Featured artists include Gibraan, Mr. Coldstone, Stro tha Dean, Brinson, Omega, Jekob (of the Washington Projects), Trini, Soul P, Nuncio, and A1.

The message of the mixtape is clear and consistent throughout the album. The first few tracks including two eerie interludes serve as a hip-hop prophecy, warning of constantly advancing technology, the mark of the beast, and the tribulation to follow. Other tracks make it clear that The Answer is Christ, and that we the Body of Believers must be on our grind, using our God-given gifts and swag to win souls without compromise.

Production/Sound: Fadacy and Nureau Ink have really outdone themselves with this mixtape. I have never encountered a mixtape with such quality production or packaging. Featured producers include T. Bizzy of Nureau Ink, Nelly B of OneBodi Music, J.R. of So Hot Productions, Battle Axe of Breaking the Mold Publishing, Docwatson of Christ Like Entertainment, and Nuncio of Nuncio Music. Whew! That was a mouthful, but praise God for the laborers! The Album, …er Mixtape is also flawlessly mixed and mastered, an area too often overlooked by Christian artists. Databass sets a new standard for Hip-Hop mixtapes in any arena, Christian or secular.

Hands down, this is the must have mixtape of the year. While not perfect, Databass left me wondering what else Applejaxx has up his sleeve. Seriously, this may be the best mixtape ever. If a mere mixtape can carry such a powerful theme, wrangle this caliber of producers, and feature over 10 strong artists then Hallelujah!, Holy Hip Hop has a lot to look forward to. Score: 4.5 out of 5 Stars Picks
2. The Answer ft. Mr. Coldstone
3. Hustlin’ ft. Soul P
4. Supastarz ft. Nuncio - Vessel Vibe


Apple Tree
Nureau Ink
Rating ****
Reviewed: Adam Aziz

Applejaxx is dangerous. Why? Because this is one independent artist that
will smash the mainstream when given the chance. His 9-track self-titled
release is a lesson in how to make music that appeals to clean living folks
and the dudes slangin' on the corner. "Nureau Anthem" featuring crewmember
T.Bizzy and "Get Ready" featuring Apostle 13 introduce a ferociously hungry
Apple on the mic as he spits at all challengers over Dr.Dre like drums.
Smoothing it out, Jaxx looks back on his life with "Memories", while
"Uptown" screams ladies jam as Applejaxx and company effectively take it to
the clubs for the ladies on this radio ready cut. Watcha u know about the
Nureau Ink crew? Nothing? Don't sleep for long 'cause these guys are gonna
wake up the biz!
I-POD THESE: "805", "Uptown" and "Get Ready" - Adam Aziz


Get Ready

Applejaxx Discography
805 P.O.P. (Piece of Pie) EP {2005}
Apple Tree EP {2006}
Databass Mixtape {2008}

Guest Appearances
Tonex: Out The Box: "Doesn't Really Matter" {2004}

WOW GOSPEL 2004: "Doesn't Really Matter" {2004}

Higher Ground: Hip Hop Reformed & Reborn: "805"

DJ Morphiziz Best of Submissions Volume 3:
"Gotta Have It"{2006}



Applejaxx serves you music like a full course meal from mom dukes. This North Carolina-based emcee focuses on a diverse presentation of artistry and innovation. Applejaxx can give you commercial jams, underground lyricism and laid back joints without compromising the art form. In an industry that has forgotten quality lyrics in music, Applejaxx is now about to feed the world a form of hip hop that will spark a movement.
Born into a musical family, Apple’s entire family influenced his musical development. In a family of amazing singers, mcs, musicians and producers, Applejaxx was groomed for success and now believes that it’s his time to shine. Growing up, his musical influences ranged from hip hop to rock. “I grew up listening to a lot of different genres of music.” Apple explains, “That’s why today, you might catch me riding to 4th Avenue Jones’, Tonex, P.O.D., Third Day, Stacie Orrico, Switchfoot or Maroon 5 depending on my mood.”
In 1999 Applejaxx happened to catch a performance by Grammy nominated and six time Stellar Award winner, Tonex (Jive) and west coast rap group Camp 8. That one gig provided all the motivation that Applejaxx needed to spark his hip hop journey. It was time for the Jaxx to start producing rhymes for the fellas to fell and music for girls to move to.
“My approach to music is to impact culture with quality music that can change lives.” States Applejaxx with strong conviction. “I think the time is now for a new movement.”
A student of the art form and the industry, Applejaxx graduated from Campbell University in North Carolina in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration. At CU Apple took the stage where ever he could, performing at clubs, in plays, talent shows and any other spot with a mic and a friendly sound man. Applejaxx has shared the stage with artist such as Tonex, The Souljahz, Pettidee, Grits, Deitrick Haddon, the Tunnel Rats and Shonlock. Recent appearances of note include a nationally televised performance at the MGM Grand with Tonex, Mixx Masters Lounge & Pass The Mic Urban Music Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee.
Billboard magazine said Applejaxx is one of hip-hops “up and comers” Applejaxx has appeared on Tonex: Out the Box album, Higher Ground soundtrack and has recently released his debut EP: 805 P.O.P. With the smash tracks 805, Get Ready and Memories creating solid radio buzz around the nation; you can bet that it’s only a matter of time before the world will be eating a full bowl of musical APPLEJAXX.