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Different me

Written By: Martin Lutz

Different me

1) Dive into the water, though I know I cannot swim,

I really don´t dig wine, glass filled to the brim.

Mighta run a light or two, just to get to you,

I know we will follow it thru…

Chorus: Ever since I saw you, met you, held you, kissed
you, loved you, been a different me, oh.
You´re my rock and every little thing you do will
soothe me, oh, can´t you see?
Seems to me I´ve found my panacea that
gets me by, never say die, oh, no.

2) You rekindle mem´ries that have been in the sale,

now the lease runs out, I won´t take the veil.

I´ve tried so many times to unring the bell,

I know I can´t but I gonna try like hell...