Apples provide their own unique spin on making 'exotic' sounding indie pop. If sunshine had a sound this would definitely be it


apples are the newest and brightest 5 piece to appear from the orchard of hereford, possibly ever. somewhat similar to the feast of steven, the new single “reason 45” is most certainly, deep, crisp and even. released for public consumption via apples/ autonomy on may 18th

apples herald from the lush space between gloucestershire and powys. hereford, has imbued the band with a freshness and as such, they’ve produced music that is pure pop pleasure: perfect for boyfriends and girlfriends who want a soundtrack to a montage compilation of their relationship. their songs are written with this sense of unity, which mirrors the family element contained within the band: a kind of west side story style dance off with the vampire weekend.

apples comprises of jp, luke, pedro, glen and greg; apples paint an image of rural life: think english sunny countryside, 99p flakes, sing-along tunes, nostalgia of by-gone times, when pop was fresh and new. although far too young to at the time, their music evokes the golden era of early 80’s popular music and culture,. the sound is certainly reminiscent of pop acts such as haircut 100, madness and andy partridge, but also the vocal harmonies of 60’s bands such as the beach boys and the monkees.


Reason 45 7" single. Stream and radio airplay.

Set List

She’s got resistance
Oh shock
I Wish I’d Stayed
A Hold On Me
The Future’s Ripe
Reason 45

25 minutes long