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Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Appleseed - Broken Lifeforms"

Before listening to Appleseed's Broken Lifeforms, I wouldn't have expected that a renewal in rock music could merge from East European countries; as a lot of people, I only thought that the music from those unknown and distant places was closer to metal or traditional soundscapes. And I was totally wrong, I admit it; thanks to that amazing band from Poland, I discovered a new impressive style, and a testimony to English rock bands of the 1990's. I wouldn't have expected a band to inspire such respect and originality...

While first listening to Broken Lifeforms, the listener can't help but thinking that this music is amazingly rich and tense, powerful and full of brand new ideas. From the organ sounds (Lullaby) to power-chords guitar riffs (Slavery), Appleseed creates a musical bridge between old-school rock, psychadelic music and metal, and mixes these different styles to create well-shaped and sensitive songs. Sometimes close to The Doors (Lullaby), oversaturated Pink Floyd ( Twin World) or Anathema (Lullaby), the band gives way to a new musical trend, where originality finds its real place. Organ, guitar and bass are used in their most sensitive and complementary way, and each tune finds its own identity and life. First sweet and warm, the songs turn to almost psychadelic post-rock waves (Twin World) before exploding and mesmerizing the listener. This ability to lcaptivate people is so rare that it has to be said and explained. Each long tune (between 6 and 7 minutes each, except for Lullaby) is a masterpiece, and never look like another one. There, a question is to be asked: how can a band bring such perfection and satisfaction with only 6 songs, and how can they invent a particular universe in each tune?

First, thanks to wonderful and never-repeated lead vocals: their singing is changing and finding its own place in each song, sometimes sounding as in the 70s (Three Little Gates), sometimes like Michael Stipe (Lullaby). As to reinforce the power of all this, background vocals add intensity to an already powerful and subtle singer (Three Little Gates), and vocal arrangements find their own identity and place in already intense and well-shaped music, completing and bringing a perfect value to each tune. This amazing and never repetitive voice gives strength and power to the music itself, and lets the listener appreciate each song as a self-sufficient entity.

Then, thanks to the music itself; Appleseed is an exceptional and impressive band, capable of creating original and inventive tunes. Perfectly produced and recorded, this EP impresses the listener little by little, letting him wander through a complex and rich universe. Musically precise and varied, intense and wonderfully played, Broken Lifeforms is admirable and intelligent, unrepetitive and delicious. The listener, after being struck by its force and density, travels and discovers each hidden side of the EP, hearing new arrangements and sounds, and feeling satisfied while finding a new way of listening to the songs. And this EP (but isn't it more than a single EP?) keeps ajar a lot of secret doors which need to be opened, step by step.

Sometimes powerful, sometimes melancholic, but always dreamy and tense, Broken Lifeforms is a revelation; Poland is perhaps the country where one of the leaders of a certain renewal of rock music is living. I really felt great pleasure listening to these 6 tracks; I first admired them, then became an unknown traveller walking through the corridors of their world, stepping into each musical room and resting, discovering, searching for more. And after listening to this EP again and again, I couldn't help but thinking: when will we get more from Appleseed? I really hope we won't have to wait for too long...

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Appleseed - (2006) EP
"Broken Lifeforms"

Thirty something new tales from PL.PT (2007)
Portugal/Poland Compilation
Including Appleseed's "Twin World"

Appleseed - (Singel 2008)
Internet Release:

Appleseed (2011) LP
"Night In Digital Metropolis"



Appleseed was formed in 2006. From the very beginning their sounds were inspired by the greatest bands of 60's and 70's (Pink Floyd, Marillion, Yes, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, The Doors), and "nowadays lights" of music (Archive, Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London, Mars Volta).

Drewing from their roots, the musicians managed to create their own independent style, which goes beyond the concept of alternative and progressive rock.

In 2006 Appleseed recorded its first (Ep) "Broken Lifeforms". This wouldn't be possible without long-term members (Bartek Bak, Maciej Hoffman, Wojtek Deutschmann) and a new frontman (Radek Grobelny) who directed the band to the right path and created the uniqe atmosphere of Appleseed. It's worth mentioning that a woman - Natalia Brzozowska, who plays now with Pati Yang, is 'responsible for' bass guitar sounds on Appleseed (Ep)

The record had positive reviews in Poland and abroad as well. One of the tracks from the EP, "Twin World" was put on "Thirty something new Tales from PL/ PT" - compilation of 26 bands from Poland and Portugal. The same song achieved great succes at "Dekalog" hot list being on the first place and no is still in Top 10 from beginnig (December 2006) From 2007 until now Appleseed playd almost 40 Shows in Country.

At the beginning of May 2007 Appleseed performed in the 'PiK' Polish Radio's studio in Bydgoszcz. Thanks to the cooperation with Mr Drozdzik and the members of Polish Radio the performance was recorded and emitted. At the beginning of September the first official videoclip for the song from the EP - 'Lullaby' was created. It was directed and mounted by the Poznan group 'GlassFoot'. Appleseed had the possibility to concert with many great artists such as Riverside, Snowman, Russian Circles (US), Shaky Hand (US), or John Young (UK). Right Now in the end of 2010 we released our Debiut Album "Night In Digital Metropolis" Listen... on Myspace....

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