Apples in Dynamic Situations

Apples in Dynamic Situations


A high energy, enticing, AltRock sound, Apples in Dynamic Situations is a prime example of diversity in musical tastes and influences coming together to form something truly exciting.


Born out of the short lived, misguided punk sensation Code 203 the three original band members, Kai Wilson, David Slitzky, and Daniel Sauve-Rogan, inspired by former vocalist Walker Bragman, craved a broader more diverse sound.
In early 2007 the band, under the new title Apples in Dynamic Situations, found its sound in the Euro-infused melodies brought to the table by guitarist Kai Wilson. This sound was quickly rounded off by David’s powerful drum ability and Daniel’s skill on bass, but the band found its bliss short lived due to their inability to find a frontman.
After several auditions Dru Sanders was introduced to the mix finalizing the bands line up and further diversifying their sound.
The band quickly began to write material and began touring the local scene quickly releasing their nine track demo “Apples on Campus”.
All members coming from geographically different backgrounds and from completely different musical tastes, these guys make it their business on stage to put on an unforgettable show.


Apples on Campus- 2008

Set List

It's Everyone
1564 - the Kissing Ban Of Naples
Crank That (Soulja Boy)
Johnny 43
set usually runs about 25-30 minutes
but we are able to cover a 45 min time block