Applicant is a rock band with roots in punk music and rock music. We want to set a standard. Listen to the music.


Gabe and Pete meet at a keg party through a mutual friend in '03. An appreciation for hard work, diversity, and quickwit leads Pete to lead singer/ bass player and Gabe playing lead guitar. Applicant was formed in March '05. Donnie joined in March as rythm guitarrist and after our first drummer quit, Jacob joined in late '05 as the drummer. Everyone in the band sings. As a band, our sound description is very simple: Rock! from the beatles to the cure, from the Ramones to NOFX, from past to currents, range and perception is where Applicant excels and departs itself from the rest. With songs like Naughty Teacher, where an eight-grader defines his crush on the titlle character, to songs like Long Way Down and Distant Heart that reveal a more personal side, Applicant will never dissapoint first-time listeners. To the band, the name Applicant means fun. With that being said, Thank you for reading this and live well.


Demo- '05
Compiliation" A tribute to superdrag" - Lighting the way- May '06
Ep- "Naughty Teacher" August '06

Set List

A typical set list consist of nine to ten songs. Names of songs are: Long Way Down, Scott the Skitzo, Biggest Jerk, Naughty Teacher, Whoa!, Eat Fish, Understanding Backhanding, Memories, Signature Sound and other working titles. We usually play one set and it can last from thirty to forty-five minutes to an hour if needed.