Avant-garde, experimental electronic music. Sounds like: "POSTAL SERVICE meets AT-THE-DRIVE-IN"


Description: "At the Drive-In" meets "Postal Service"
Emerging from the gutters of LA’s underground experimental electronic music scene and playing alongside the likes of Dntel (The Postal Service), Planktonman (Nortec Collective), Daedelus, Eight Frozen Moduels, The Mutaytor, Idiot Pilot, comes “Unconscious Ruckus”, the highly anticipated debut album by Appogee.

Appogee cut his teeth composing music for countless TV commercials as well as being a contributing composer to the feature films "The Mothman Prophesies" and "Rules of Attraction."

A combination of song, synthesis and sound, Appogee pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration and deftly combines the art of songwriting with forward thinking musical collages. Avant-garde electronic artistry at its finest, “Unconscious Ruckus” captivates audiences with its beautiful display of chaotic rhythms and blissful melodies. Organic, human subtleties intertwine with sophisticated programming and composition, resulting in a unique, hypnotic sound that keeps Appogee’s fanbase growing...

Has remixed the likes of:
Bright Eyes
Taking back Sunday
The Used

Appogee is a touring act.
For a list of future & past shows and tours please visit:

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Written By: Appogee

I think a man said it best
when he said nothing at all,
As he looked out the window
the rain began to fall,
he pointed up to the sky
and I looked down in shame
Across an open plain

I began to understand
his unusual plan

It was then that she said to me
there's no way that it's suppose to be
She took my hand and said follow me
as we desended into eternity<
She pointed up to the sky
and I looked down in shame
under a burning flame

I began to understand
his unusual plan

Everyone is something
Everyone is nothing


Down on the Dots - 2002
Unconscious Ruckus - 2004

Set List

Appogee performs with laptop & live musicians.
Sets range from 30-40 mins. We have multiple sets for different occasions. Short/Long, hard or ambient. What ever the situation calls for. We can play along side electronic acts or hard rock acts. We do two covers/remixes: Bright Eyes "Lover I Don't Have to Love" and Zykos "Kodiac."

Set list usual includes:
Intro - 1:30
Kodiac - Cover of Zykos
Love Dice
This Moment
Lover I don't Have to Love - Remix