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Approach is an organic, fun filled journey through funk and soul that recalls the heyday of classic hip hop.


It is not everyday that a emcee who prides himself on his talent for creating feel-good vibes mixed with intelligent lyricism can cut through the clutter of a hip-hop scene dominated by gangsta-influenced melodies and infectious Southern bounce basslines/beats. For this reason alone, it is impossible to ignore the moves that relative newcomer Approach has made in his hometown of Kansas City. A lot has happened in the short time since he first decided to take his appreciation for all music and shape it into something creative of his own. Two Klammy (Kansas City/Lawrence area music award) nomination, three emcee battle championships, and countless live shows later (including two midwest tours with Atmosphere and a date with The Jungle Brothers), Approach shows no signs of slowing down. This emcee/producer has seen his love for hip hop reincarnate itself in many creative forms and musical styles. His first EP, a lyrically introspective and deeply melodic collaboration with the R.E. (Krisna Best) entitled The Web of Thought, slowly led the way to his recent experimentation with live instrumentation during his high-energy local shows.

Now, with the release of his sophomore effort, UltraProteus: The Funk Reaction EP, Approach amply demonstrates that he has an ear for making beats that combine the best of 70's funk and the rhythms of classic soul music. In addition, listeners will hear exactly how Approach’s musical influences are reflected in his creation, from his admiration of Jimi Hendrix’s innovation, to MadLib’s creativity, to Mos Def’s high level of expressiveness. Creative inspirations such as the Black Eyed Peas, JayDee (of Slum Village), Thelonius Monk, and James Brown create a glimpse of the direction Approach plans to take in the future as he hones his craft. While developing as a writer and finding his niche in the production realm are both important, Approach makes it known that what he really wants is to be appreciated for creatively pushing the envelope, and making the underground hip-hop sound more accessible to a greater spectrum of the listening audience. With goals this expansive, Approach’s perspective on UltraProteus makes perfect sense: He wants his audience to view this EP as only one step on his musical voyage...a reflection of where he has been and what is to come.


Ultra Proteus EP (2002)
Web of Thought EP (1999)
Various Artists - Datcomp I (2002)

Currently, all tracks from Ultra Proteus are receiving airplay on 90.7 FM KJHK in Lawrence, KS.

Set List

30 minute sets.

Typical sets include:
Boogaloo Odyssey
Hey Y'all
Slide Back
Various Blends
Funk Reaction
Ultra Proteus
The Opus