Approaching 0

Approaching 0


Approaching 0 is an acoustic rock band featuring a solid vocalist. Our live show is at the same time intimate and eccentric and includes a mix of songs from several rock genres arranged for acoustic guitars. Even without a back beat our presentation is tight and will appeal to most audiences.


Approaching 0 to us means gaining that trance that occurs when everything is right and nothing bothers you. It's not a blank trance, it's a focus that makes anything possible. For us, performing our music live is a vehicle to gain Zero. When we get there, everything's kicked up a notch and we perform together as a single mind.

Approaching 0 formed in the summer of 2005 as Randy was searching for an intimate setting to showcase his vocal talent. With Tim, Chris and a few months refining our sound, he found what he was looking for. I don't think you'l find us typical in any way. Find us and check out our show.

Set List

We're a cover band and can perform up to 4 hours. Our typical performance includes songs by Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes, Eric Clapton, Eagles, U2, Nickleback, and several others from all genres of Rock.