apres vous

apres vous

 Aurora, Ohio, USA

A collision of Alternative, Soul, and Folk, all wrapped in a delightful Ambient foil.


Apres Vous started as a Lego Castle. Apres Vous started as an Easy-Bake oven. Apres Vous started as a baseball glove. Apres Vous started as a constructive way for Rob Parr to kill time. Writing, engineering, recording, and mixing "Old Songs" over the course of 3 years, Rob took a handful of what were initially sonic experiments and made them into songs. "Everything had a premise...I had never written on my own, so I set a goal to accomplish for each song: I want to write a song with this, I want to write a song based on this, etc etc."
Still a one man project behind the scenes, the band swells to five members live to keep the songs as detailed as the record, but with an added touch: "The songs were all quite stale to me, just because they had been sitting on my mental shelf for years. However, getting all of the guys to come in and really contribute themselves to these songs has really been inspiring and has given a whole life to the project. It’s like a living organism now, always changing a bit."
Still a young band, Apres Vous is beginning to find their feet in the local music scene and even expanding to a few new markets this spring. Rob is currently working on new material in his free time, and hopefully this Lego Castle will go up a bit more quickly than the last


The Old Songs EP - Spring 2008
Upcoming LP this summer

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show, though we normally play between 25-45 minutes depending on the show. We dont do covers really but occaisionally throw in bits of other songs (generally Elvis Costello or Tom Waits)