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Aurora, Ohio, United States

Aurora, Ohio, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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""Old Songs" Review"

Apres Vous (French for "After You") is a one man project by an undiscovered musician named Rob Parr. Not much can be said about Rob Parr due to the fact that he is so mysterious. Other than the music he has given the world (for free), there isn't much else to say about this unbelievably talented man. From the little information that is available, we know that Rob resides in Aurora, Ohio, and the songs on his only album, Old Songs EP, are a collection of demos that have been refined enough for him to release to the masses. Rob plays every instrument on the album, and has a firm grasp on each of them, most notably his piano and acoustic playing. Rob also recorded, mixed, and produced all of the songs himself, but he has a much looser grip on his producing abilities than his playing skill. Old Songs EP is a quick look at what Mr. Parr is capable of creating.

The album sets off with Rob singing over piano keys on 'Erik's House'. The first thing to notice is Rob's voice. His vocals can soar high similar to Dan Nigro of As Tall As Lions, or get into a mid range reminiscent of Thom York's highs. 'Erik's House' starts things off perfectly, showcasing all of Rob's talents. Acoustic guitar strums out chords while a bass groove punches the song along, locking in with the spastic drumming, all while electric guitar can be heard wailing out in the background. The song blends right into the next, beginning with a haze of electronic noises, showing Rob's Radiohead influence. IDM beats are present as Rob sings low, before unraveling into a piece similar to the previous. An eerie sample of Tom Waits appears in the middle of the song, presenting another one of Rob's influences. Both 'Erik's House' and 'The Stranger' are easy highlights for the EP. 'Shadowbox' takes a different road. Rob wails over acoustic and electric guitar, but the quality of production, or lack thereof, brings down what could have been a beautiful ballad. The rough production rears its head more often in the last three songs, but it does not take away from the songs enough to fault Mr. Parr, in fact, the rough production could be seen as a characteristic quality of the album. The closer, 'Untitled', is another highlight. Apart being the most well produced song on the album, it is also the most energetic. Just over 5 minutes, the song follows a steady progression, going from a drum and piano driven intro, to an overdriven guitar solo, to a climax of Rob's tremendous vocals and fast playing.

Old Songs EP is a solid collection of songs. Only 5 songs and 17 minutes long, the album leaves a lot to look forward to. Rob's playing is top notch, as well as his songwriting. While not much is known about Rob himself, his music speaks for him. While Old Songs EP is only a short glimpse into what Rob has planned, it is a great listen, and it's free! - Alex C. Soothsayer - Sputnik Music


The Old Songs EP - Spring 2008
Upcoming LP this summer



Apres Vous started as a Lego Castle. Apres Vous started as an Easy-Bake oven. Apres Vous started as a baseball glove. Apres Vous started as a constructive way for Rob Parr to kill time. Writing, engineering, recording, and mixing "Old Songs" over the course of 3 years, Rob took a handful of what were initially sonic experiments and made them into songs. "Everything had a premise...I had never written on my own, so I set a goal to accomplish for each song: I want to write a song with this, I want to write a song based on this, etc etc."
Still a one man project behind the scenes, the band swells to five members live to keep the songs as detailed as the record, but with an added touch: "The songs were all quite stale to me, just because they had been sitting on my mental shelf for years. However, getting all of the guys to come in and really contribute themselves to these songs has really been inspiring and has given a whole life to the project. It’s like a living organism now, always changing a bit."
Still a young band, Apres Vous is beginning to find their feet in the local music scene and even expanding to a few new markets this spring. Rob is currently working on new material in his free time, and hopefully this Lego Castle will go up a bit more quickly than the last