Apricot Rail

Apricot Rail

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Alternate guitar tunings, experimental electronic/ambient music. New chords with beautiful instrumentation and steady but sure rhythms.


One day, after his star sign promised a ‘dynamic’ afternoon, Ambrose Nock (guitar) decided it was the right time to form a band known as Apricot Rail. He was soon joined by Jack Quirk (guitar), Matthew Saville (drums) and Daniel Burt (bass). The premise of the band was simple: music based on unique guitar tunings, the use of natural harmonics, and very open ideas about other instruments, electronica and song structure. After a debut gig at the Hyde Park Hotel in March 2008 with four members and as many songs, the band soon added a fifth in Mayuka Juber (clarinet/flute), redefining the balance of guitars with the addition of beautiful woodwind melodies.

The band’s debut recording was a DIY affair, with members heading off to a rural property near Yorkrakine, 220km north-east of Perth in WA’s Central Wheatbelt. In the following months, the resulting demo got regular rotation on Perth’s RTRFM, and though unreleased, was rated by the station’s Homegrown presenter Chris Wheeldon as his second-favourite local outing of 2008. In the second half of the year, Apricot Rail chalked up some serious gig mileage, along the way supporting the likes of Holly Throsby, Charge Group and Adam Said Galore and finding refuge among Perth’s emerging post-rock/experimental scene.

In November 2008 the band headed into Kingdom studios under the guidance of Simon Struthers (Umpire, Adam Said Galore, Mukaizake) where the band recorded their soon to be released self-titled debut long player. Australian fans got a chance to taste some of the new album’s sublime wares when the Apricot Rail track ‘If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them’ was released on the prestigious Spunk Singles Club compilation album along with the likes of Leader Cheetah, The Dead Sea and The Middle East. The band was also nominated for Favourite Newcomer in the 2009 Western Australian Music Industry Awards.

2010 saw the addition of Justin Manzano to mostly cover the electronic side of things, but also moonlighting on glockenspiel and melodica. The album continued to receive interest- as well as getting RTR airplay, Parachute Failure was used in the Foxtel Ad for the Commonwealth Games and Halfway House was used by GEMA for the Adventure Magazine DVD.

Apricot Rail released 'Surry Hills' in July 2011, which was CD of the week in Drum Media. They have recently supported Marnie Stern and AKRON. Apricot Rail are busy writing music at the moment and plan to release their second album in 2012.


"Apricot Rail", 2009: Feature Album on RTRfm, Drum Media CD of the Week, 2nd best release of 2009 according to 78 Records
"Halfway House" from "Apricot Rail": used by GEMA on the DVD 'Best of E.O.F.T. - Adventure Magazine
"If You Can't Join Them, Beat Them"- Spunk Singles Club 2009
"Pouring Milk Out The Window", 2009
"Surry Hills", 2011: Drum Media CD of the Week