April's music is a fresh blend of rock, pop and blues. Her musical influences include Adele, Lauren Hill, Colbie Caillat, Aretha Franklin, and Cheryl Crow to name a few. April obtained her music degree from York University in 2007 and currently spends her time playing at various venues across Ontario. April will be releasing her new, highly anticipated album in March 2013.


Canadian blues/rock singer APRIL is set to make waves on the Canadian music scene in 2013. With a busy upcoming year of shows and a new album release just around the corner, she will surely dazzle audiences with her killer pipes and fresh sound. It can't be denied that there is magic in the soulful and raw way she expresses herself in her music. Her singing blends alternative rock with the clearer tones and softer styling of R&B and Americana. She's been influenced from everything from R&B and Pop to Rock, Folk and Classical.

April started her vocal studies with her mother in her high school years. After graduating high school she chose to pursue classical voice at Vanier College in Montreal and ended up finishing her music degree at York University in 2007. April credits her vocal ability and versatility to her classical training.

Her new album is titled “California Sunrise” which is predominantly rock based but yet has a great Pop and Blues inspired sound. April and her producer Jamie Stever have succeeded in creating a fresh blend that will keep you wanting more. The album celebrates the ease and fun of summertime with up-tempo tracks like "Cruise" but also veers toward the tender, dark and quirky side of things with tracks like "I Think I'm in Love", and "Apple on the Tree". Without a doubt, there is something for everyone on this album. A must have for summer 2013.