Rupa & The April Fishes

Rupa & The April Fishes

 San Francisco, California, USA

Rupa & The April Fishes is a SF-based global alternative band who seamlessly blend indie-roots-neoclassical-international sounds to create a bold and cinematic body of music with themes that center around the fluid vagaries of life, love, death and a borderless world.


Rupa & The April Fishes is a SF-based global alternative band who seamlessly blend indie-roots-neoclassical-international sounds to create a bold and cinematic body of music with themes that center around the fluid vagaries of life, love, death and a borderless world.
Whether singing in French, Spanish, English, Romany, Tzotzil or Hindi, the April Fishes' sound is “ecstatic and powerfully evocative” (LA Times) led by Rupa’s voice, which is “saucy, mysterious, and comparable in power to the late Amy Winehouse” (BUST Magazine).
Called “soulful and sensuous” by Relix Magazine, Build is their third studio album, produced with Todd Sickafoose (Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird). The band shows off the breadth of their diverse chops on the atmospheric ska of "Sur La Route" and an infectious cover of The Clash's politically-minded "Guns Of Brixton." Sparse percussion and a hypnotic double bass form the foundation of opener "Build," which has been picked up to promote the upcoming documentary Generation Food Project, led by Hoop Dreams director Steve James and food justice writer Raj Patel.

Key festival performances include NY's Central Park SummerStage, Montreal Jazz Festival, San Francisco's OutsideLands and Stern Grove Festivals not to mention dozens of Europe's most prestigious festivals and venues. They have worked with artists and activists such as David Graeber, Raj Patel, Rebecca Solnit, Manu Chao, Matt Mahurin and more.


Poder (with translation)

Written By: Rupa Marya

los peces
si pueden
el viento
si puede
además el dinero
pero yo no

la cancion
si puede
el amor
si puede
además un besito
pero yo no

ay! por esta frontera
la tierra llora, la tierra llora
y yo tambien
a pesar de esta frontera
la vida como el agua
hay que corer!

los coyotes
si pueden
un helado
si puede
además un murmullo
pero yo no

las teles
si pueden
si puede
además mi trabajo
pero yo no

mi sed
si puede
mi mirada
si puede
además mi corazón
pero yo no


the fish can
the wind can
even money
but not me

the song can
love can
even a little kiss
but not me

ay! because of this border
the earth cries, the earth cries
and i do too
in spite of this border
life is like water
it must run

the birds can
an ice cream can
even a whisper
but not me

the televisions can
injustice can
even my work
but not me

my thirst can
my gaze can
even my heart
but not me

Maintenant (with translation)

Written By: Rupa Marya

encore une fois tu te trouves là
face-à-face, près de moi
dis-moi, qu’est-ce que tu vois
quand tu me regarde? regarde-moi

ici au bout d’un souffle
ici au bout d’un rêve
tu ne sais pas quoi faire, quoi dire
l’attente sur les lèvres

mais je viens comme le vent
et je viens comme printemps
ouvre ta bouche et place mon nom dedans
laisse-le là sur la langue

et je viens comme soleil
fait le bleu plus foncé
ouvre-moi ta porte
l’amour n’aime pas hésiter

mais tu as dit
tu n’as pas de temps
qu’est-ce que tu penses donc toi?
la vie viendra une autre fois?

non, tant pis pour toi!
ferme les yeux, embrace-moi
le moment nous présente le present
le moment est maintenant



once again you find yourself here
face to face, next to me
tell me what do you see
when you look at me? look at me

here at the edge of a breath
here at the edge of a dream
you don’t know what to say, what to do
expectation on your lips

but i come like the wind
and i come like the spring
open your mouth and place my name inside
let it lie there on your tongue

i come like the sun
making the blue deeper
open up your door for me
love does not like to wait

but you say “not now”
you don’t have the time
what do you think
that life will come again?

no, too bad for you!
close your eyes and kiss me
the moment presents us with the present
the moment is now

Wishful Thinking

Written By: Rupa Marya

i used to dream of a pirate ship
that would take me away from here
out to the open sea into the biggest blue
complete with a cast of unsavory crew
who’d show me things that i shouldn’t do

well the masts were tall and impressive
and the old wood creaked perfectly too
and the full sales held promises of something true
and when we’d get bored of the watery view
we’d simply set our course for the moon

to my surprise as i grow older
living these days like dreams with you
i discovered this ship waits inside my chest
and the winds fill its sails on the days i like best
but where it takes me it takes me alone
to do this strange work i barely know

now i don’t know when the tides will call me
away from this sweet life with you
and i wish that i could stay forever
even though since i was young i knew there was never
such a thing but this wishful thinking
keeps our stories rising as our lives are sinking

in time i will kiss you goodbye
on my way and kiss you goodbye
don’t want to go but i’ll kiss you goodbye

Une Americaine a Paris

Written By: Rupa Marya

with translation below

y avait quelques jours en silence
j’ai pas dit un mot
et puis je t’ai rencontré ici à paris
assis près de moi dans un bistro
tu viens d’algiers
et moi je viens de san francisco

un monde entre nous

tu m’as demandé

j’ai dit

un monde fou entre nous

qu’est que tu penses de tout cela?
de tous ces histoires?
ces histoires nous rendent foux

t’as voulu prendre ton photo avec moi
j’ai dit

un monde fou entre nous

english translation
an american in paris

there were a few silent days
i didn’t say a word
and then i met you here in paris
sitting next to me in a bistro
you come from algiers
i come from san francisco

a crazy world between us

you asked me
aren’t you afraid to be an american in paris
with all these angry arabs?
i said no. i'm not an american
you are not an arab and we are not in paris

a crazy world between us

what do you think of all of this?
what do you think of these stories?
these stories make us crazy

you asked me if you could a photo with me
i said no thank you, no photo, i prefer life
i'm not an american, you are not an arab
we are not in paris, we are in life

a crazy world between us


"BUILD" Rupa & the April Fishes 2012
"este mundo" Rupa & the April Fishes 2009 *
"extraordinary rendition" Rupa & the April Fishes 2008 *
"la pecheuse" Rupa solo EP

* Released through Cumbancha.