April Hill

April Hill

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Soulful Funky Jazzy Poetic And Very Sassy


Growing up, April listened to everyone from Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald to Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. She is a lover of lyrics, and has always enjoyed how these artists sang phrases in a way that clearly represented how she was thinking or feeling.

24-year-old singer/songwriter April Hill is breathing new life into the soul scene. Her unique vocal style and gift with pen and paper is sure to have folk talking about this young Atlanta, Georgia-born talent for a long time.

April Hill, a Howard University graduate, came to New York City and began working as a financial analyst at the prestigious Goldman Sachs investment banking firm. The long hours and fast pace of Wall Street did not keep April from following her dream of becoming a recording artist. With the support of her mother and father, April decided to leave Goldman Sachs and focus her attention on developing her craft as a singer/songwriter.

April quickly caught the attention of soul singer/producer Marlon Saunders. Marlon fell in love with April’s soulful jazzy sound and invited her to share the stage as his opening act on tour. After a sold-out performance at the legendary Blue Note club in New York City, Marlon approached April and her parents about working with April.

The next day, Marlon and April were in the studio writing and recording song demos. It was around this time that the musical director for Ne-Yo phoned Marlon in search of background vocalists for the David Letterman Show. Marlon referred April and she was quickly rehearsing and working out background parts with Ne-Yo. A dream come true.

After a busy summer of touring, April began to hone her songwriting skills. Marlon and April traded melodies and lyrics until they found April’s groove.

And now this beautiful young artist has delivered LOVE 360, a soulful recording filled with beautiful phrasing, simple and poignant lyrics that will have fans feeling a deep intimate connection with April Hill. April’s unique style combined with the hypnotic funky arrangements of co-producer Shawn Lucas will have soul heads of every generation enjoying LOVE 360.

If you don’t mind a little jazz in your funk, a little heartache with your happiness, and a little poetry with your backbeat, then your search is over….April Hill tells a story worth listening to.


My debut album is called LOVE 360 and has had some airplay.
Expect to hear my single "I Wanna Be Free" on the radio in the near future. A remix to this single was featured on All My Children.

Set List

Set List- 1 set = about 45 min
1. The Search
2. Feelin' You
3. You Got Me
4. I Wanna Be Free
5. I Want You
6. Happier with Her
7. Manipulation
8. I Can't Stop Loving You
9. Today
10. No More Tears

Covers includes Soul classics from Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and Mary J. Blige. The majority of my covers include Jazz Standards. Think Dinah Washington and Billie Holliday.