April JOhns Damsel In Distress

April JOhns Damsel In Distress


Soulful Country mixed with a little rock and a little rhythm and blues. Dynamic voice with spirit and warmth.


Country mixed with a little rock and a little rhythm and blues I am a 33 year old country singer. I grew up as an only child to a single parent. My mother was a juvenile diabetic and struggled with it all her life. She always wanted me to pursue my dreams but her health never let me. Three years ago mom passed away and one of her last things she wanted was for me to come to Nashville and do what I always wanted. So here I am. Each day I try and honor her memory with my singing. I have three beautiful girls who we try and raise to have the song in the heart and the music at their fingertips. My sound is country mixed with a little rhythm and blues. I am currently looking to put a band together and record a demo and see where we can take this. I have been singing on stage since the age of five. It's all I know. I'm spunky and have an attitude that will either warm your heart or send ya runinn. And if ya choose the latter then good riddance. Just kidding. I have a unique voice that I back with heart and soul.


Almost Famous

Written By: April Johns/Caroline Holder

Almost Famous
She was workin in a 5&9er on the outskirts of Abilene
Begging her mom to let her go & live the American dream
She won some first place trophies and some grand prize money
That a record deal came along…but wasn’t meant to be
She was Almost Famous … then there was me
Promise of love in the backseat of a faded VW Golf
They never knew what one night could mean and things could get so rough
The call of fame passed her by as a life grew quietly
A tiny cry in the dark of night… she soon began to see
She was Almost Famous… then there was me
We loved and laughed and years flew by
She never looked back, gave the normal life a try
There are No Regrets … Just Lessons Learned
Songs brought to life with each bridge unburned
She was Almost Famous, Almost Famous, She was Almost Famous… then there was me

Found pictures of her on stage strumming that old guitar

I won’t hold her back anymore, she's a star
I said I wanted to see her name up on a marquee
She wasn’t sure she still could…was too old for it to be
But we gave it a shot and layed some tracks down
And suddenly there was a buzz all over town
She was Almost Famous… then there was me

Chorus 2
Every night we play a full house on tour
Each song given more heart than the one before
We stand together… Playin for the crowd
Reliving the years gone by, out loud
She was Almost Famous, Almost Famous, She was Almost Famous… then there was me

Almost Famous but there was me

She Died

Written By: April Johns/Caroline Holder

She Died

2 O’clock on Sunday afternoon
Checking herself out of that hospital room
Doc says, you know it’s not a good idea
She says, I’m not spending what’s left of my life in here

She thanks the staff for their time and all they’d done
And say’s, I gotta go now, I’m wasting what’s left of the sun

And she spent
Sunday, barefoot in the park, Monday dancing under the stars
Tuesday came the call, she should’ve made years ago
Wednesday was a trip, to that place, she never thought she’d go
Thursday and Friday with her daughter, they hiked and pitched a tent,
Laughed and cried and apologized for time not well spent
Saturday she witnessed the majesty of a sunrise and sunset
She Died Sunday afternoon, with no regrets

Letters were found, sealed tightly with love
One last gift form the angel they can feel above
Read don’t cry for me, I’m not really gone
I’m still right there in your hearts to help you along

So don’t think of this as another goodbye
Don’t question God, this was just my time


And when you talk about me and my life
Please remember to say
She lived, she loved, She Died