april lynne

april lynne


words just can't describe- i'm pretty much fantabulous and my music isnt too shabby either. you probably want to listen, mostly because you'll like it, and then because i say so. that is all.


april has spent most of her life on the farm meadows of smalltown CT where the cows frolic and play. contrary to popular belief, she did not tip cows because thats mean and kills them. one day while the cows were out at play, she decided she wanted to be a rockstar instead. she draws her inspiration from nature and haiku, and hopes to rock you like a hurricane.



Written By: dfgkjhdfgjk



LP- "Instructions: Insert in your CD Player and Rock Out"

Set List

my setlist ranges from the all bizarre and quirky to the super-pop-errific. it all depends on if i like the audience is cool.