Apshell is culture with own sound. Teenage Heroes & Legends. Impressive & Crazy fighters against pollution. Most of lyrics about war for people rights in Russia. Genre: mix of Indie & Hardcore. New wave of Modern Rock music in Russia.


"Nichto Ne Vechno" - The debute EP album from russian alternative band Apshell. The band musical style is unique .. INDIE-HARDCORE, that..s how the group members call it. INDIE-HARDCORE .. music for teenagers, it is influenced by different music styles like nu-metal, hip-hop, drum..n..bass, electronic and so on. Apshell..s songs are at one hand very different from each other, but in another .. they have common things.
The band have played a lot of shows with all well-known alternative russian bands and also at Street Car Fest, which was held in Stockholm (Sweden) in october 2005.
Previously band took part in compilations of best russian Alternative Artists such as: Russian Alternative 2006, RAMP 2006, Slot Festival vol.1. Band is nominated as breakout of the year for Russian Alternative Music Prize 2006 .. the annuaal Alternative Ceremony
Also band..s song ..Bez Tebya.. (Without You) is included into soundtrack for computer racing-game Adrenaline Show - 2. This game is announced to be relased in Summer 2007 and have distribution all over the world.


Apshell - "Nichto Ne Vechno"

Every song on this album has it..s own history, it..s own script. Thats why u can listen them over and over again. This EP album was recorded in Stockholm(Sweden), Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (Russia), and mixed by Ansi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Smack!) at Astia Studio (Finland)

Apshell - "Imperia Snov"

Now after 3 years after EP,we are finishing our first debut albom with 14 tracks.
We worked on it 1.5 year, and in project we'll finish it in the middle of the summer.

Set List

Typical set list is 18 songs/1:20h
Covers: 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie, Prodigy - Voodoo people, One Republic - Apologize.